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The tremendously popular Galvanised Steel golf cage comes as 10' (3m) High x Wide x Deep golf practise net. Each golf net package includes the frame, connecting brackets, golf netting, impact panel net. We can also supply this style of golf net in range of sizes, and each golf cage can be supplied as a multiple bay system.

The heavy duty galvanised steel frame of the golf net is almost indestructible and is guaranteed to be free from rust for years and years. We also supply a parks grade golf nets which is constructed from a 48mm steel - this is popular if the golf cage is in public use. Spare and replacement Golf Nets to suit this cage and any other size of golf cage is supplied, as well as any other spares requirement. Our standard 10' golf net can be delivered next day.

When ordering your golf cage, you only have one real decision to make. Do you want you golf practise net to be free standing or socketed? A free standing golf cage will have a base frame which allows the cage to rest on grass or any hard surface. This type of golf net is excellent if the golf cage will be moved positions or if it is to be located indoors. A socketed golf cage requires ground sleeves to be sunk into the ground a concreted. The golf cage frame is then simply dropped into the four sockets and from there the frame can be then be looked in position.

The benefit of this solution is safety as the golf cage cannot be tipped over by wind or humans, and also if the cage is only going to be on one location it makes sense to have a secure fitting as possible
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