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9m Battle Rope

9m long durable battle rope. Manufactured from water-resistant Poly Dacron, great for full body indoor and outdoor workouts. 4cm thick weighted rope can be rolled into a coil for storage.

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4cm Thick Poly Dacron Battle Rope With Blue Tracking Lines


  • Battle rope is 9m (30ft) long 4cm (1½ inches) thick


  • Colour: Black with blue tracking lines
  • Manufactured from water-resistant Poly Dacron
  • Heat shrink plastic handles


  • Weighted rope can be rolled in a coil for storage 
Add A Fun New Aspect To Gym Workouts And Training Sessions With This 9m Long Conditioning Rope

Build your strength up whilst burning fat with our water-resistant Poly Dacron weighted battle ropes. Find a partner or secure these undulations ropes to a wall for high intensity interval training. The exercise rope measures 9m (30ft) in length which grants you plenty of slack for lunge slams and burpee whips.

  • The conditioning rope measures 9m (30ft ) long and is 4cm (1½ inches) thick.
  • Manufactured from water resistant Poly Dacron with blue tracking lines.
  • Weighted rope can be coiled up into a compact easily stored package after workouts. 
  • Battle rope workouts build upper body strength whilst burning fat. 

Using the weather to cancel a workout will no longer be a viable option thanks to our waterproof Poly Dacron battle ropes. The waterproof properties of Poly Dacron allow you to train outside with the knowledge your weighted ropes will not deteriorate after a heavy spell of rain. 

Measuring 30ft (9m) in length our battle rope provides you with enough slack to create momentum-filled waves for shoulder presses, rope whips and wrestler throws. Typically, conditioning ropes are considered an upper body workout strengthening your back, glutes and abs, however you can incorporate other movements like jumping or lunges to make battle rope sessions a full body workout. Whether you choose the back garden or the gym as your workout location, our 9m (30ft) undulation weight rope is the best size to keep your body in peak condition during low impact workouts, which get the heart racing with minimum risk of injury. to your joints. 

Heat shrunk caps sit either end of the 4cm (1½ inch) thick battle rope for added grip whilst the rope is in full flow. The plastic handles also prevent the conditioning rope from fraying after extended use. To keep your gym or home tidy after workouts the 9m (30ft) battle rope can be wound up like a garden hose. This greatly reduces the amount of space the fitness rope takes up whilst in storage and makes it considerably easier to manage on the move.