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American Football Tackle Shield With Double Wedge [Pro Model]

The most effective tackling trainer for players and coaches. Handheld tackle and block shield with double wedge design that provides players with a target to aim at whilst conditioning correct form. Made from impact foam and covered in 600gsm weather and rip proof PVC. Comes in junior and senior sizes.

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Practice And Play Right With This Double Wedged Handheld Tackle Shield


  • Junior: 81cm (32 inches) high x 33cm (13 inches) wide x 13cm (5 inches) thick
  • Senior: 94cm (37 inches) high x 38cm (15 inches) wide x 18cm (7 inches) thick


  • Outer casing: 600gsm PVC
  • Insert: Multi-layered foam core
  • Straps: Woven canvas straps


  • Comes in blue and black
  • The outer casing is rip and weatherproof for increased durability
  • Top and bottom wedges help to simulate a realistic opponent
  • Woven side straps aid coaches’ movement
Dual Wedge Tackle Shield That Improves Tackling Posture and Form

Teach your players the proper position to tackle and block in with this handheld double wedged foam practice shield. Manufactured from high-density impact resistant foam, weatherproof PVC, this blocking pad is built to withstand repeated impacts from the biggest of players without suffering in performance.

  • Rip and weatherproof 600gsm PVC outer cover
  • Impact resistant foam protects players and coaches during practice
  • Woven carry handles attached for easy transportation, portability and manoeuvrability
  • Features a double wedge design to encourage proper tackling technique
  • Comes in junior and senior sizes

Specifically designed to be durable, this tackle and block handheld pad uses weatherproof and rip proof PVC to prevent damage to the contact bag. Aeration holes are also featured across the contact wedge to allow the forces exerted during a tackle to be dispersed effectively and therefore preventing damage being done to the impact foam inside.

This hit shield also features woven carry handles at the side of the pad. These handles ensure that not only is the tackle pad portable and easy to transport but also easily held by coaches or other players to generate in-game scenarios or provide feedback force. This block and tackle pad is available in both junior and senior sizes.