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Anti-Billow Rings [Pack Of 6]

A pack of 6 rings that effectively reduce the appearance of net billowing. Manufactured from a robust polypropylene that simply attaches onto 88mm diameter posts.

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  • Quantity: 6 per pack
  • Attaches onto 88mm diameter posts
  • Features an 8mm outer diameter
  • Ideally placed every 1m
Pack Of 6 Anti-Billow Rings For Sports Ball Stop Nets

Engineered to ensure that that your net remains secure in windy conditions, these Anti-Billow Rings effectively reduce the effects of net billowing. Each dependable ring has been designed to firmly attach to your net post to provide the added security needed during harsh weather.

  • Each ring has a 8mm outer diameter
  • Available as a pack of 6
  • Manufactured from a heavy-duty black polypropylene tubing that will not make wind noise
  • Ensures that the net does not billow
  • A completely weatherproof composition
  • Easily attaches onto 88mm diameter posts without causing damage

Manufactured to simply attach to any 88mm diameter post, you’ll be able to install this net accessory easily and quickly. As each Anti-Billow Ring has been constructed from a tough and durable polypropylene tubing they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Due to their robust polypropylene composition, these dense rings effectively minimise loud wind noise, which in turn will allow you to enjoy energetic game days or practices without distractions.

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