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Archery Backstop Nets [Standard Sizes]

Archery backstop netting manufactured from the highest grade nylon closed mesh, in green or white. Reinforced hems and corrosion resistant brass eyelets. Available in five different lengths.

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Competition Grade Closed Mesh Netting With Reinforced Seams 


  • Highest grade closed mesh with reinforced seams
  • Corrosion resistant brass eyelets


  • Sizes available: 6ft x 6ft (1.8m x 1.8m) 10ft x 10ft (3.1m x 3.1m) 20ft x 10ft (6.1m x 3.1m) 30ft x 10ft (9.1m x 3.1m)


  • Colours Available: Green or white
  • For use with a trackway tensioned wire or mounted between two poles (sold separately)
  • Distance between eyelets: 3ft (0.9m)
  • Best used with tungsten arrowheads

 Archery Backstop Netting Safety Guidelines:

  • We strongly recommend not keeping your archery backstop netting taut as this will greatly increase the chances of your arrows penetrating the net
  • Keep the net as loose as possible and be left dragging along the floor where possible in order for it to completely absorb the energy of the arrow
  • For example, bunch the net like a half-drawn curtain; the more folds, the greater the stopping power. The weight of the net is what helps to slow the arrows
  • Field Points are recommended for use with these Backstop Nets
  • Please refrain from using Broadheads as these are most likely to pierce the net
  • For ‘have a go’ sessions, Backstop Netting is a strong requirement as stated in the GNAS Code of Practice (barring a safe over-shoot space – minimum 50 yards)
  • Archery Backstop Netting is NOT guaranteed to stop all variety of arrows from Recurve, Compound, Traditional or Crossbows
  • Archery Backstop Netting’s primary purpose is to be utilised as an additional safety screen, whilst also speeding up arrow retrieval
Green Or White Premium Impact Archery Netting With Corrosion Resistant Brass Eyelets

Suitable for use in homes, schools and European competitions this impact archery netting is the best way to stop arrows in their tracks. The green or white high-quality netting is available in a range of widths, which all stand between 6ft (1.8m) and 10ft (3.1m) tall, providing you with the perfect way to protect archers and spectators.

  • Manufactured from the highest grade, nylon closed mesh.
  • Fully edged border with reinforced hems.
  • Corrosion resistant brass eyelets placed at 3ft (0.9m) intervals.
  • Designed for use with tungsten arrows.
  • Five sizes of mesh netting are available.
  • Netting is available in green or white.

This backstop netting is fabricated from the highest grade of closed nylon mesh which will not allow any arrows to breakthrough. Further strengthening the stopping power of this mesh netting, all four of it's borders feature a reinforced seam which helps to absorb the full impact of incoming arrows, once attached to your system. Brass eyelets are placed at 3ft (0.9m) intervals allowing you to integrate this netting into all archery stop systems. Each eyelet is corrosion resistant giving you the freedom to practice your archery skills or host have-a-go sessions during heavy rainfall.   

Please note: It is important to leave the net as slack as possible during use, as this will greatly increase the arrow stopping prowess of this premium archery netting.

Available in white or green and a selection of five lengths, this competiton standard impact netting is designed to be used by every level of archer. Net World Sports can also supply this netting in custom lengths to guarantee your arrow stopping system receives the right replacement mesh.