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Archery Netting Stop System

10ft tall freestanding archery net and post system. Rust and scratchproof, powder coated steel frame. High grade close polyester mesh netting with reinforced seams. Available in widths between 10ft and 50ft.

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Modular Design Arrow Stop System - Closed Mesh Netting

Indoor Archery Netting Dimensions

  • Height: 10ft (3m)
  • Widths Available: 10ft (3m), 20ft (6m), 30ft (9m), 40ft (12m), 50ft (15m)


  • 1 inch (34mm) rust and scratchproof galvanised steel frame
  • High grade closed mesh netting, with reinforced seams 

 Archery Net Safety Guidelines

  • We strongly recommend not keeping your archery backstop netting taut as this will greatly increase the chances of your arrows penetrating the net.
  • Keep the net as loose as possible and be left dragging along the floor where possible in order for it to completely absorb the energy of the arrow.
  • For example, bunch the net like a half-drawn curtain; the more folds, the greater the stopping power. The weight of the net is what helps to slow the arrows.
  • Field Points are recommended for use with these Backstop Nets.
  • Please refrain from using Broadheads as these are most likely to pierce the net.
  • For ‘Have a Go’ sessions, Backstop Netting is a strong requirement as stated in the GNAS Code of Practice (barring a safe over-shoot space – minimum 50 yards).
  • Archery Backstop Netting is NOT guaranteed to stop all variety of arrows from Recurve, Compound, Traditional or Crossbows.
  • Archery Backstop Netting’s primary purpose is to be utilised as an additional safety screen, whilst also speeding up arrow retrieval. 
Portable Arrow Stopping System Manufactured From Galvanised, Scratch Proof Steel

Provide the maximum level of safety possible for “Have A Go” archery sessions with this 10ft (3m) tall arrow stop netting system, which is available in a range of widths. The galvanised steel frame can be quickly folded away, making this the perfect portable arrow stopping system.

  • Archery stop netting system is 10ft (3m) tall.
  • 5 widths available between 10ft (3m) and 50ft (15m).
  • Freestanding posts allow you to use this system on all surfaces.
  • 1 inch (34mm) rust proof, scratch resistant powder coated steel frame.
  • High grade, fully edged, close mesh polyester netting with reinforced hems.
  • Field point arrow heads are recommended for this netting.

To stop flying arrows in their tracks this premium archery stop netting is constructed with the highest grade, polyester closed mesh available. Fully edged reinforced hems further strengthen the arrow stopping properties of the netting and prevent rips and tares in the material. Not only will this archery netting stop your arrows from endangering spectator’s safety, it will also greatly reduce the time spent collecting arrows, as they will all located at the bottom of the netting after sessions.

It is recommended that field points are used and the polyester netting is left as loose as possible, to provide the maximum level of impact absorption.

To keep the arrow stop netting upright during use, it’s frame is manufactured from galvanised steel, which is finished with a scratch and rustproof powder coating. The stable frame allows this system to be used on a wide range of indoor and outdoor surfaces. Available in a choice of five different widths, you can select the most appropriately sized system for the size of your class, or the space you have available. The widest size available is 50ft (15m), and thanks to the modular design you can extended the system’s width at will.

Please note: Archery back stop netting is NOT guaranteed to stop all arrows shot from recurve, compound, traditional or crossbows.