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Aussie Rules Football Tackle Tube [Pro Model]

Aussie Rules Football Tackle Tube available in junior, youth and senior sizes. 600gsm rip and weatherproof PVC cover. Filled with dense high-quality foam. Heavy-duty woven straps are capable of holding a football in place.

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Circular Tackle Tubes For AFL Training Filled With Absorbent Foam


  • Junior (4.5kg): 38cm (15 inches) inner x 84cm (33 inches) outer x 23cm (9 inches) thick
  • Youth (6kg): 41cm (16 inches) inner x 94cm (37 inches) outer x 25cm (10 inches) thick
  • Senior (7kg): 51cm (20 inches) inner x 102cm (40 inches) outer x 25cm (10 inches) thick


  • Outer casing: 600gsm PVC
  • Insert: Multi-layered foam
  • Handles: Woven canvas


  • Colour: Black and blue
  • Unique shape allows this tackle bag to be rolled across the turf
Aussie Rules Football Tackle Tubes Available in Junior, Youth and Senior Sizes

Designed to make tackle sessions more dynamic this high-quality tackle tube can be rolled across the training field, helping to create a more realistic opponent for your team to perfect their tackling technique with. Filled with 25cm (10 inches) of dense foam these Aussie Rules hit shields provide an absorbent cushion that minimises the risk of injury on the training field.  

  • Aussie Rules Football Tackle Tube available in junior 4.5kg (10lbs), youth 6kg (13lbs) and senior 7kg (15 lbs).
  • Filled with 25cm (10 inches) of multi-layered foam inserts for player protection.
  • Handles are placed on the tube’s outer ring to help coaches hold the bag in position.
  • Woven handles are placed on the tube’s inner ring can hold a football in place.  
  • Circular design allows the tackle tube to be pushed across the turf for a more realistic target.

Specifically designed with a low profile and the ability to hold a football at a realistic height, these Aussie Rules Football Tackle Tubes will help players to accurately tackle (above an opposition player’s knees and below their shoulders).

The tubular tackle bags are manufactured with an ultra-durable outer casing which is manufactured from 600gsm PVC. This hard-wearing material is both weather rip proof allowing you to perfect your tackling technique throughout all weather conditions.   

Available in three sizes you can select an Aussie rules football tackle shield that is perfectly suited to your team’s size and age range. The junior tackle tube weighs 4.5kg (10 lbs) and is suitable for players between the ages of 10 – 14 years old. For ladies teams and players aged 15 and above we recommend the youth tackle shield which weighs 6kg (13lbs). Finally for senior and professional teams the 7kg (15lbs) senior Aussie Rules Football Tackle Tube is recommended.    

Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Thickness Junior (4.5kg) 38cm (15 inches) 84cm (33 inches) 23cm (9 inches) Youth (6kg) 41cm (18 inches) 94cm (37 inches) 25cm (10 inches) Senior (7kg) 51cm (20 inches) 102cm (40 inches) 25cm (10 inches)