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Ball Park Line Marking Machine – For Baseball Pitches

This is the best field marking machine for baseball stadiums and amateur fields thanks to its extra-large tank and user-friendly design. Made from powder coated steel with pneumatic wheels. Transfer wheel available in 3 thicknesses. Tank has a capacity of 13.8L. Option to add high-quality line marking paint.

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The Ultimate Line Marking Machine For Any Baseball Groundsman


  • Tank: Powder coated metal
  • Transfer wheel: Grooved solid rubber


  • Pneumatic wheels for provide an exceptional level of stability
  • Transfer wheel is available in three widths, 2”, 3” or 4”
  • Handle height can be adjusted for comfort
  • Innovative brush system allows you to dictate the amount of paint applied
  • Plug allows you to quickly drain the line marking machines tank
  • Suitable for grass surfaces only
  • Available with or without a 10L tub of high-quality paint
Ultra-Durable Line Marking Machine Made From Powder Coated Steel With Pneumatic Wheels

The best line marking machine for anyone looking to accurately mark out their baseball field, this device is constructed with an adjustable solid rubber transfer wheel. This user-friendly design ensures your line marking machine’s 2”, 3” or 4” thick wheel will always apply the exact amount of paint your baseball field requires, regardless of whether you are applying brand new lines or repainting your old baseball diamond. 

  • High-quality baseball field marking machine
  • Powder coated steel tank with drainage plug
  • Tank holds 13.8L of fluid paint
  • Pneumatic wheel provides exceptional stability
  • Transfer wheel sizes available: 2”, 3” or 4”
  • Option to add a 10L tub of line marking paint to your baseball field marker
  • Suitable for grass pitches only

Made to provide the highest level of durability, the tank and body of this line marking machine are made from ultra-durable steel which is finished with a powder coating. This hard-wearing composition ensures your baseball line marking machine will not rust or corrode due to adverse weather conditions, in turn allowing you to apply lines to your baseball field year-round. Comfy by design, the handle of this baseball field marking machine is fitted with rubber grips. This soft material significantly reduces the risk of your hands suffering from fatigue, while the handles height can also be adjusted to offer unmatched comfort.  

To ensure you can mark out a full-size baseball field, this line marking machine’s tank can hold up to 13.8L of paint. This extra-large capacity negates the need for you to constantly refill your manual line marking machine, saving you both time and energy throughout extended line marking sessions. Despite the large amount of paint this baseball line marking machine can hold, it can be emptied quickly thanks to its drainage plug. This user-friendly device negates the need for you to wait for long periods of time while your tank clears.

Suitable for grass surfaces, this line marking machine sits on top of two heavy-duty pneumatic wheels. These high-quality rubber wheels ensure your baseball field marking machine maintains an exceptional level of stability on an uneven baseball diamond.

Please Note: The baseball Line Marker is available with a 2”, 3” or 4” front line marking wheel with the option to add a 10L tub of paint.


For best line marking results we recommend

  • Handles are set to the correct height to make the ease of pushing the line marker around the field
  • Ensuring the position of the spreader brush on the transfer wheel is perfect to provide precise straight lines
  • Our stadium grade line marking paint is used to the correct concentration
  • The machine is properly cleaned after every use