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Basketball Net - 5mm Braided (Ultra Heavy Duty)

Replacement Basketball Net manufactured from weatherproof 5mm thick nylon braided twine. Suitable for all regulation basketball hoops. Available individually or as a pair.

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Weatherproof Replacement Basketball Nets For Regulation Hoops 

  • Weather Resistant Basketball Nets | Braided Twine

    Weatherproof Nylon Nets

    Fabricated from ultra-durable 5mm thick braided nylon twine this net is suitable for both indoor and outdoor basketball courts.

  • Replacement Nets For Outdoor Basketball Courts

    For Regulation Hoops

    You can attach this net to all regulation basketball hoops providing you with a seamless replacement for your current basketball set up.

  • Single Or Pair Of Basketball Nets

    Single Or Pair

    Whether you need to replace one of your court's nets or both, these high-quality nets are available individually or as a pair. 


  • 5mm braided twine


  • Compatible with all regulation size 45cm (18 inch) basketball hoops
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Weatherproof Basketball Rim Nets For All Regulation Hoops

Replace worn out basketball hoops with these high-quality replacement nets which are manufactured from heavy-duty 5mm braided twine. This hard-wearing material can withstand slam dunks from the biggest centres, ensuring your hoop maintains the professional look of your court.  

  • Ultra-heavy-duty basketball nets are available individually or as a pair.
  • Manufactured from weatherproof 5mm braided nylon twine.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor basketball hoops.
  • Replacement net can be used with all 45cm (18 inch) rims.

Made to be used throughout indoor and outdoor games of basketball these replacement nets are weatherproof and can be used with all 45cm (18 inch) rims. This makes the versatile nets perfect for schools and leisure centres as well as professional basketball teams.

Net World Sports also stocks high-quality basketball hoops and rims which can be perfectly paired with these replacement nets including the Basketball Hoop (Heavy-duty), Basketball Backboard & Hoop (Flex Ring) and the Adjustable Wall Mounted Basketball Backboard (Schools).