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6ft tall Blue Rugby Post Protector Pads. Filled with 3 inches of absorbent foam padding. Conforms with IRB specifications. Available individually or in packs of four.

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  • (Height x Width x Depth): 6ft x 0.8ft x 0.8ft | 182cm x 24cm x 24cm


  • Outer Casing: Heavy-duty PVC
  • Foam Padding: Solid Foam


  • Designed to conform with IRB specifications
  • Suitable for all rugby posts with a diameter no greater than 4 inches | 10cm
  • Hook and loop fastening system for secure attachment
  • Available individually or in packs of four
  • Colour: Blue
Single Or Pack Of Four Rugby Post Protector Pads – Weatherproof Outer Casing

Designed to conform with IRB (International Rugby Board) specifications, these hard-wearing Blue Rugby Post Protector Pads are suitable for professional rugby teams, schools and leisure centres thanks to their regulation dimensions. Standing at a height of 6ft, the pads will provide extensive cover to rugby posts, in turn reducing the risk of rugby players suffering on-field injuries. 

  • Rugby post protection pads measure (H x W x D): 6ft x 0.8ft x 0.8ft
  • Filled with 3 inches of solid foam padding
  • Heavy-duty weatherproof PVC cover
  • Available individually or in packs of four
  • Hook and loop fasteners allow you to attach and detach these pads to your rugby posts
  • Suitable for any post with a diameter up to 4 inches
  • Colour: Blue

Filled with 3 inches of solid foam, these rugby post pads will effortlessly absorb the force of any high-impact collision while providing comprehensive protection to both players and rugby goal posts. This absorbent material greatly reduces the risk of rugby players succumbing to an on-field injury. Acting as a hard-wearing buffer between the rugby post padding and damage associated with intense weather conditions is a heavy-duty outer casing. Fabricated from PVC, this ultra-durable material guarantees your rugby goal post protection pads will not wear away after continued exposure to rainfall or sunlight.    

Suitable for a range of posts up to 4 inches thick, these rugby post protection pads are manufactured with a strong hook and loop fastening system. This user-friendly design allows you quickly attach and detach your pads before and after competitive rugby matches and training sessions.