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Cycling Water Bottles [750ml]

BPA and phthalate free cycling water bottles available in nine colours. Bike water bottle holds 750ml of liquid and feature semi-translucent line. Sold individually, in packs of 20 or packs of 96. The best bike bottle for keeping hydrated whilst on the move.

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Lightweight 750ml Cycling Water Bottles Available In Nine Colours 

  • Semi-Translucent Line

    To clearly indicate how much liquid you have left, a semi-translucent line runs down the side of this bottle. This useful feature ensures you can accurately manage your liquid intake throughout competitive cycling races.

  • Lightweight Bike Bottle

    Manufactured using high-quality yet lightweight BPA free plastic, these bike water bottles will add minimal weight to your road bike, allowing you to achieve your fastest race times without suffering from dehydration.

  • Easy-Pull Mouth Piece 

    This cycling bottle features an easy-pull mouth piece enabling smooth and consistent hydration while on the move. The tight fastener also ensures your water bottle will not leak, even if it is accidentally positioned upside down.  

Cycling Water Bottle Specifications


  • Height: 24cm | 10 inches
  • Diameter: 7cm | 2 inches


  • BPA free plastic soft squeeze


  • Colours available: Blue, black, red, green, yellow, orange, pink, white and semi-translucent
  • Secure easy pull mouth piece
  • Screw top lid and wide mouth piece
BPA Free Plastic Bike Water Bottles With Semi-Translucent Liquid Level Indicator

Available individually, in packs of 20 or jumbo packs of 96, these cycling water bottles are the best way to keep yourself and your cycling club hydrated throughout intense bike rides thanks to their large capacity. Capable of holding up to 750ml of liquid, which is kept secure by the bike bottle’s easy-pull mouth piece, these refillable cycling water bottles will quickly become a staple piece of equipment for any casual or competitive cyclist.   

  • 750ml bike water bottles available in nine colours
  • Manufactured from BPA and phthalate free plastic
  • Bike bottles feature easy-pull soft TPR mouth pieces for smooth rehydration
  • Semi-translucent line indicates how much liquid is left within your bike water bottle
  • Cycling water bottles feature a no-seal, watertight screw top lid and wide mouth for quick refills
  • Features soft-squeeze design for optimum hydration whilst maintaining lid security
  • Available individually, in packs of 20 or jumbo packs of 96

Designed to add a minute amount of weight to your bike, these cycling water bottles are manufactured from high-quality BPA and phthalate free plastic. This hard-wearing material is incredibly light without compromising on the cycling bottle’s impressive level of durability, guaranteeing this bike bottle will provide you with years of service.

Running vertically down the bike bottle’s body is a semi-translucent line which accurately indicates how much liquid is left within your water bottle. When the time does arrive to refill your bicycle water bottle, its wide mouth piece works alongside the screw top lid to guarantee these water bottles take very little time to fill.