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Elastic Bungee Net Ties - 40 Pack

Pack of 40 highly durable net bungee ties designed for use with football goal hinged net supports & other sport equipment frames/accessories to provide extraordinary stability.

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FORZA Goalpost Compatibility

  • STEEL42
  • ALU60

FORZA Goalpost Size Compatibility

  • Net ties can be fixed around 30mm posts (with a double wrap) up to 80mm posts


  • 40 x Bungee Net Ties
40 x Sports Netting & Accessory Bungee Ties

Our bungee net ties are as fantastic as they are elastic all thanks to their long-lasting coil spring tension. They can be used to secure our vast selection of football nets to a range of FORZA goalposts, as well as fixing goal accessories such as target sheets to posts. Highly durable & elasticated; they can also be used for a number of other hinged sport netting products such as Tennis Windbreaks & Privacy Screens, Industrial Tarpaulins, and Surround Netting for the likes of Cricket & Lacrosse. If you're looking to use these net ties with football goals from our FORZA range, then please refer to the SPEC to see which posts they are compatible with.