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Evasion Training Agility Belt

An essential piece of kit that improves speed, agility and reaction time. Complete set includes two adjustable belts and a tear-away cord.

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Evasion Training Belts

Great for sports that require one on one marking up and mirroring. The perfect piece of kit to improve essential skills.

  • Set of 2 belts and one attachment cord.
  • Supplied in black only.
  • Belts are adjustable and have a secure plastic buckle.
  • Belt and cord attach with hook and loop adhesive. 

To lose a defender in sport, the attacker must move faster than the person marking them can respond. These short space, multi-directional quickness skills are specifically addressed through evasion belt drills. The objective is for the attacker to get far enough away from the defender to cause the tear away connection to come apart, and thus the attacker has evaded the defender.