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Flexibond Baseball Mat Adhesive Glue

Strong long-lasting polyurethane based adhesive for bonding baseball matting to hard surfaces. Available in 10kg tubs with a 1.2kg hardener.

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  • Polyurethane based adhesive.
  • 10kg covers approximately 15 square metres (50ft).
  • Specially designed for bonding matting to concrete or tarmacadam.
  • Easy to trowel so there will be no hard or uneven glue lines.


The Ideal Glue for Permanently Installing Baseball Matting

Flexibond is the highest quality adhesive designed to bond matting to hard surfaces such as concrete permanently. 

The glue is very easy to apply and exceptionally long lasting, this glue is the ideal solution for any Baseball grounds. Coming in two parts, this adhesive consists of a 10kg tub, whilst the 1.2kg hardener ensures your Baseball matting remains firmly where it is.

If you are unsure whether this adhesive is suitable for you, please contact our friendly sales team.