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Flood Protection Sandbags [20kg]

Protect your property from water-damage with these industrial-strength sandbags for flooding. The heavy duty sandbags are manufactured using ultra-durable polyethylene with an easy-seal touch fastening system. Flood bags available in packs of 1, 5 or 50. Unfilled sandbags, sand is NOT INCLUDED.

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Water-Damage Prevention Equipment - The Best Sandbags For Flooding

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    Sandbags To Stop Water

    The use of sandbags to prevent flooding is an effective way to protect your property. Manufactured from highly durable polyethylene, these flood protection bags provide a strong barrier against water.

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    Touch Fastening System

    When planning how to sandbag for floods, it’s important none of the contents leave the bag. Fitted with an easy-seal touch fastening system, the sand (NOT INCLUDED) won’t escape, ensuring consistent damage prevention.

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    Buy Sandbags In Bulk

    Give your home the best flood protection by bulk-buying these sandbags to stop water. Available in packs of 1, 5 or 50, choosing the larger quantity will allow you to stack the flood guard bags, creating a strong barrier.


How To Stop Flooding With Sandbags – High-Strength Flood Protection Solutions

These industrial-strength flood defence sandbags offer full protection against flooding and water damage to all properties. The flood protection sacks are highly durable and provide reliable building flood protection which prevents any water from getting in. Perfect for home flood protection, industrial water-damage prevention or shielding any entrance, the flood sacks can be purchased in bulk should you know how to stack sandbags to prevent flooding. Available in packs of 1, 5 or 50, you won’t need to buy sandbags for flooding from anyone else, as our multi-packs ensure you have adequate amounts of flood protection barriers for your requirements.

  • Heavy-duty 58cm x 38cm (23in x 15in) large sandbags for flooding, weighing 20kg (44lbs) when filled to capacity
  • Emergency flood protection bags made using industrial-grade polyethylene for premium strength
  • The sandbag flood barriers feature an easy seal touch fastening system to keep contents secure
  • The flood bags are 100% weatherproof and can protect any entrance and any facility from water damage
  • Net World Sports is where to buy sandbags for flooding in bulk, available in packs of 1, 5 and 50

For optimal flood door protection, these domestic flooding sacks are manufactured from ultra-strong heavy duty polyethylene which provides the ultimate house flood protection due to its durable properties. The sandbags water protection abilities are further solidified by the easy seal touch fastening system, maintaining the density required to create an effective sandbags flood defence barrier. With these flood protection sandbags at your disposal, you’ll know how to sandbag for flooding and keep your house protected from floods at all times.

PLEASE NOTE - This listing allows you to buy empty sandbags only. Sand is NOT INCLUDED


Flood Protection Sandbags Specifications:


  • Sandbags: 23in x 15in | 58cm x 38cm
  • Weight (when filled): 20kg | 44lbs


  • Manufactured using ultra-heavy-duty polyethylene
  • Sandbags feature a touch fastening system to keep contents secure


  • Sandbags are ideal for protecting properties from flooding
  • Available to buy in packs of 1, 5 or 50
  • PLEASE NOTE: Sand IS NOT included with the flood protection sandbags