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Football Ball Pump And Needle - FORZA Pump That Ball™

FORZA Pump That Ball™ for the quick inflation of all footballs. This dual-action pump has an extendable nozzle and includes a euro needle adapter. Compatible with the Football Ball Pressure Gauge Reader which can be found in the essentials drop-down below.

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FORZA PUMP THAT BALL™ - Quickly Inflates All Air Expansive Footballs 

  • Ultra-durable florescent yellow plastic exterior
  • Innovative extendable nozzle
  • 1 x euro needle provided
  • Footballs can be inflated in under 10 seconds
  • Removeable cap unveils hidden storage compartment
  • For use with all FORZA footballs (sold separately) as well as all air-expansive footballs
Dual-Action Handheld Football Pump With Hidden Storage Space For A Spare Needle  

A key aspect of hosting successful football matches is to play with properly inflated footballs and have a reliable pump always on hand. The lightweight FORZA Pump That Ball™ fits the bill perfectly, capable of inflating footballs in under 10 seconds this portable pump will quickly become an integral piece of your matchday equipment.

  • One euro adapter needle is provided with the FORZA Pump That Ball™.
  • Storage space for a spare needle is located on the pump’s “T” shaped plastic handle.
  • Innovative extendable nozzle allows you to pump up footballs in a natural position.
  • FORZA branded florescent yellow exterior.
  • Compatible with the Football Ball Pressure Gauge Reader (sold separately).

You can start inflating your footballs the moment you receive this handheld pump thanks to the needle provided. Storage room is cleverly hidden on top of the “T” shaped handle, allowing you to always carry a spare euro needle adapter. Manufactured with a dual-action inflation system this pump ensures that your footballs air pressure will be retained throughout use, in turn guaranteeing you will not waste a single drop of energy. Another excellent feature of this portable football pump is it’s extendable, flexible nozzle which allows you to hold your football at an angle you find comfortable during inflation.

The FORZA Pump That Ball™ is compatible with the Football Ball Pressure Gauge Reader (sold separately), this lightweight device screws on the pump and will provide you with accurately inflated footballs thanks to the analogue display on the front of the gauge.