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Football Goalkeeper Training Tackle Bag

The best goalkeeper training pad for contested catching and crossing drills. Features a highly durable weatherproof PVC outer cover for use all year round without wear or tear. Uses high impact absorbent foam to reduce risk of injury to goalkeepers during practice. Includes dual woven handles for high manoeuvrability and easy transport. Available in junior and senior sizes.

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Replicate Physical Matchday Battles With This Goalkeeper Training Pad


  • Junior: 69cm (27 inches) High x 33cm (13 inches) Wide x 13cm (5 inches) Thickness
  • Senior: 91cm (36 inches) High x 51cm (20 inches) Wide x 15cm (6 inches) Thickness


  • Made from high density foam with a weather resistant PVC cover
  • Suitable for junior and senior goalkeepers
  • Comes in blue
Replicate Physical Battles Of Corners and Crosses With This Goalkeeper Contact Bag

Contested catching is an important skill for any goalkeeper at any level. Whether it’s the aggressive boxes of Sunday league or the major physical battles of the Premier League, this training pad will help your football goalkeeper command their box better. Featuring impact absorbent foam and dual handles, this football goalkeeper hit pad is the best training equipment for players looking to improve catching and handling under pressure whilst minimalizing risk.

  • Crafted from high-density foam to reduce risk of injury upon impact
  • Uses a highly durable and weatherproof PVC outer cover for use all year round
  • Features double strap handles for easy transport and manoeuvrability
  • Can be used in a variety of ways, including in vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Available in both junior and senior sizes

Manufactured from ultra-durable PVC, this goalkeeper hit shield is designed to last. The weatherproof properties of the PVC outer cover allow the training bag to be used all year round no matter the weather. This piece of goalkeeper training equipment also features high-density impact foam inside the PVC cover that allows match physicality to be replicated through initiated contact with the goalkeeper whilst reducing the risk of injury to both coach and player.

Dual strap handles ensure that a tight grip can be maintained on the bump pad throughout practice and guarantees controlled contact. These two woven straps provide additional manoeuvrability to the football tackle bag allowing more realistic training scenarios and reduces the risk of injury. These double strap handles allow the foam pad to be used either vertically or horizontally to initiate contact which provides further variety to goalkeeper drills.