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FORB Dual Turf Golf Mat [4ft x 3ft]

4ft x 3ft dual turf golf mat for approach play and driving practice. Simulates both the fairway and the rough, providing realistic practice sessions wherever you play. Simple roll-down design allows the mat to be transported and stored with ease. Fitted with a non-slip shock absorbent base for stability on any surface.

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A Portable All-Purpose Training Mat


  • Mat: 4ft x 3ft (120cm x 90cm) roll down mat

  • Rough: 35mm dense and thick rough 
  • Fringe: 16mm compacted fringe
  • Base: 5/8-inch thick shock pad base 


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Actively protects joints with due to the shock pad base 
A Premium Quality Professional Dual Sided Golf Mat

Confidently develop your technique with the FORB Dual Turf Golf Mat. As a versatile golf mat that has been especially created to replicate the coarse fringe and rough grass, this is the ideal training aid for any golf enthusiast. Each dual mat has been manufactured with various features to allow you to further advance your skills. With a realistic 35mm rough and a 16mm fringe that have both been textured to provide you with an authentic golf experience, this dual golf mat can successfully advance your training.

  • A 4ft x 3ft portable roll down golf mat
  • Manufactured with a shock absorbent padded base that has thermal properties to prevent weather related damage
  • Features a 16mm fringe and a 35mm rough turf
  • An extra thick 5/8-inch shock pad base that utilises air and elastic to protect joints from injury
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Each Dual Turf Golf Mat features a comprehensive non-slip base that provides increased stability on various surfaces. The integrated 5/8-inch shock absorbent base incorporates air and elastic to ensure that the probability of injury is reduced. Additionally, this durable practice mat has also been designed with thermal technology that effectively prevents weather induced damage. So, whether you’re training indoors or outdoors, the Dual Turf Golf Mat can protect your joints during practice sessions, all while guaranteeing that you have a stable and firm foundation to perfect your swings.

With a range of high-performance synthetic grass fibres that provide an authentic grass-like surface, you’ll be able to maintain a consistent swing that can be easily transferred to the course. These dense grass fibres have been firmly embedded into the base to ensure that residue will not be left behind on your clubs and to preserve the lifespan of your versatile mat. 

As a spacious 4ft x 3ft golf mat, you’ll receive an ample amount of training space designed to develop your overall performance. This completely portable mat can be used to perfect your swing and stance in any chosen location. Due to the simple roll down design, the FORB Dual Turf Golf Mat can be compactly stored and transported without damaging the thick synthetic fibres.