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FORB F-3 Golf Balls – Ultra Precision Golf Balls

FORB F-3 golf balls are designed for distance, direction, & durability. High quality, 3 layered golf ball ideal for mid-range handicappers. Available in packs of 3 or 12.

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Superb FORB Golf Balls Rival The Best On The Market!


  • Casing: Surlyn Cover - SCU Technology for optimum control
  • Outer Mantle: MOI boosting layer helps with putting
  • Inner Core: Explosive PHSC technology for incredible distance

Pack Sizes:

  • Pack of 3 golf balls available
  • Pack of 12 golf balls available


  • FORBTech© outer cover – Get the soft feel you are after!
  • 312 Dimples improves driving distances
  • 75 compression gives a great soft feel
  • Similar feel to the Callaway Super Soft
Our FORB F-3 Golf Balls Are Designed To Give You Optimum Control & Distance

With this championship-winning choice golf ball, it’s easy to see why it’s a firm favourite with professional golf players. Boasting a unique 3-layered design, this innovative golf ball has a soft Surlyn cover, an MOI boosting outer mantle layer, and an inner core with PHSC technology. The F-3 golf ball offers unparalleled performance all for an incredibly low cost.

  • Ultra-precision FORB F-3 golf balls perfect for players with mid to high handicaps.
  • Soft Surlyn casing with SCU Technology for optimum ball control.
  • The outer mantle features a MOI boosting layer helps with putting.
  • Golf ball inner core boasts explosive PHSC technology for incredible distance.
  • Our fantastic golf balls are available in a 3-ball golf sleeve or a pack of 12.

Our fantastic F-3 golf ball is constructed with a soft Surlyn cover, which gives less spin off the tee and reduces sidespin for a more accurate shot. This cover has ground-breaking SCU Technology for improved spin, and overall better ball control, no matter the weather.

This external casing has a vast 312 dimples to improve driving distance, while the 72 compression means a softer ball with exceptional feel. The benefits of a softer feel golf ball is having incredible comfort without compromising durability.

The next layer of this revolutionary golf ball is the outer mantle, an MOI boosting layer to help deliver a smoother ball roll and putting experience. This golf ball promises to give a solid contact, great control and most importantly immense distance.

Each F-3 golf ball is created with an explosive inner core. The elasticity of the PHSC core technology creates a greater driving experience, flight and response from your swing.

We aim to cater for all golf players, and every one of your needs, which is why we offer our fantastic F-3 golf balls in a 3-ball golf sleeve or a jumbo pack of 12 golf balls.

When tested, the FORB F-3 Golf Ball offers more distance off the tee than the Callaway Super Soft.

Golf Ball >Ball Speed Spin Rate Height Carry Fligh Total Callaway Super Soft 113.7 mph 2761.9 rpm 17.6 yd 159.6 yd 4.8s 184.0 yd FORB F-3 116.8 mph 3054.2 rpm 19.1 yd 165.6 yd 5.0s 186.9 yd

(Tested using a Golf Laboratories Inc. robot)

Top 100 PGA golf coaching professional Jason Davies says: “The FORB F-3 is a great budget ball. It’s a 3 layered golf ball that responds really nicely around the greens and will give you distance off the tee as well. It’s more a mid to high handicap ball, so if you lose one it won’t hit your wallet too hard.”

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