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FORB Tri Turf Golf Hitting Mat [2ft x 1.3ft]

A trifold hitting mat with 3 distinct sections with an overall size of 2ft x 1.3ft. Features a 35mm rough and fairway and a 16mm fringe that is all supported by a dense 2mm rubber base. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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A Universal Training Aid For Varied Practice Sessions


  • Mat: 2ft x 1.3ft (60cm x 40cm)

  • Fairway: A 35mm artificial turf that perfectly duplicates a smooth fairway
  • Rough: 35mm rough grass to accurately replicate on course conditions
  • Fringe: A 16mm compact and coarse fringe


  • Base: A 2mm thick stabilising rubber base 


  • A compact size golf mat with a foldable design
  • Easy set up to quickly play on any surface
A Portable And Premium Tri-Fold Golf Hitting Mat

Practice a wide range of shots with this multi-surface Tri Turf Hitting Mat designed to challenge and improve a golfer handicap. Each section of this versatile mat has been crafted to replicate various turf surfaces. With a 16mm fringe and a 35mm fairway and rough, you’ll receive a multi-purpose training aid to further advance your performance.

  • A thick 2mm rubber base
  • An overall size of 2ft x 1.3ft
  • Each section features grass types that mimic various areas of the course. A rough and fairway turf that are both 35mm and a 16mm fringe turf
  • A completely foldable hitting mat for easy transportation and storage
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Due to the innovative design of this cost-effective three section mat, it is ideal for practice sessions in any location. The separate folding segments have been especially produced to allow for easy transportation and convenient storage. Despite its compact size, the Tri Turf Hitting Mats overall practice area of 2ft x 1.3ft will successfully diversify training sessions.

The entire base of this durable mat has been produced to resist damage from irons, so even after continued vigorous use, this firm hitting mat will not sustain deep divots. Additionally, as a stable and evenly weighted mat, your shots will always remain consistent due to the authentic grass like fibres. Each section effectively emulates the fairway, rough and fringe to guarantee that you receive genuine feedback that will allow you to develop your shots.

With a tough 2mm rubber base that supports each segment, this dense hitting mat will stay firmly in place during every practice session. These various sections have been designed to facilitate each swing comfortably while ensuring that you receive enhanced stability on any surface. So, whether you’re looking to reduce divots at home or improve your handicap, this compact Tri Turf Hitting Mat is an ideal training tool to help you progress your performance.