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FORTRESS Technique Cricket Bat [3 Sizes]

Refine your batting technique with the FORTRESS Technique Cricket Bat. Narrower than a regular bat, these training cricket bats allow players to focus on middling the cricket ball. Crafted using high-quality Kashmir Willow & available in three sizes.

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Perfect Your Technique With This Cricket Training Bat

  • Train Hand-Eye Coordination | Cricket Batting Practice

    Narrow Blade

    The FORTRESS Technique Cricket Bat features a narrower blade than a regular bat to put greater emphasis on middling the cricket ball. An excellent choice for warm-ups & getting your eye in.

  • Premium Kashmir Willow Training Bats | Eye-In Cricket Training

    Kashmir Willow

    Hand carved using premium Kashmir Willow, these cricket training bats replicate the same feel as a regular bat when hitting the cricket ball. Bat features a fibreglass protective screen for increased longevity.

  • FORTRESS Technique Cricket Bats | Cricket Bats For All Ages

    Choose Your Size

    Available in three sizes (4, 6 & short handle), this FORTRESS Cricket Bat can be utilised by all ages. To find the perfect sized training bat for your players, see the size guide in the specs below.

FORTRESS Technique Cricket Bat Specifications

Sizes Available:

  • Size 4: Ages 9 - 10 (Appropriate Height: 4ft 9in – 4ft 11in)
  • Size 6: Ages 11 - 13 (Appropriate Height: 5ft 2in – 5ft 5in)
  • Short Handle: Ages 15+ (Appropriate Height: 5ft 8in – 6ft 3in)


  • Training Cricket Bats are manufactured using premium Kashmir Willow
  • Technique bat features a fibreglass protective sheet to increase longevity
  • Black chevron-style grip gives players exceptional hold of the bat


  • Cricket Bats feature a 2.8in wide blade for focus on middling the cricket balls
  • An excellent tool for working on your technique, coordination & getting your eye-in
FORTRESS Technique Cricket Bat – Develop Your Batting Technique

Ideal for batters wanting to perfect their batting technique, the FORTRESS Technique Cricket Bat is a must-have for any cricket coach. Designed to put added focus on a player’s hand-eye coordination, these technique cricket bats offer a narrower blade than a regular bat. Despite their smaller nature, the technique bat will still feel like a regular cricket bat upon impact thanks to its premium Kashmir Willow design. The face features a protective fibreglass sheet to increase lifespan whilst the handle of the bat comes with a black chevron-style grip to give batsmen an exceptional hold of the bat in hand. Suitable for all ages, the FORTRESS Technique Cricket Bat is available in three sizes; 4, 6 & short handle.

  • FORTRESS Technique Cricket Bat – Ideal for batsmen working on middling the ball
  • Bats feature a narrow blade (2.8in wide) to allow batsmen to focus on timing
  • Expertly crafted from Kashmir Willow for similar feel to a regular cricket bat
  • Cricket bats feature a fibreglass protective sheet & black chevron-style grip
  • The Technique Cricket Bat is available in three sizes: 4, 6 & Short Handle (SH)
  • These cricket training bats are an excellent choice for warm-ups & training drills

PLEASE NOTE: The FORTRESS Technique Cricket Bats are an excellent training tool when combined with our high-quality string training balls (see essentials above). The cricket training bats are available in three sizes, please select accordingly above.