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FORTRESS Wooden Cricket Stumps [ICC Regulation]

Perfect for all forms of competitive cricket, these ICC Regulation Cricket Stumps are an excellent choice for cricket clubs. Available in two styles (Club or County), these cricket stumps are crafted using premium wood. Set includes 6x stumps, 4x bails & a carry bag.

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Cricket Stumps For Competitive Matches – ICC Regulation

FORTRESS Wooden Cricket Stumps Specifications:


  • Youth: 27in | 68.5cm
  • Senior: 28in | 71cm
  • Stump Diameter (Both Styles): 1.5in | 38mm


  • Club Match Stumps: High-Quality Mango Wood – bleached & polished
  • County Match Stumps: Premium-Grade English Ash Wood
  • Carry Bag (Club Stumps): Heavy-duty Nylon with Touch Fastening System
  • Carry Bag (County Stumps): Heavy-Duty Nylon with zips & a carry strap


  • Package includes 2x sets of stumps: 6x poles, 4x bails & a carry bag
  • Both styles conform to official match regulations set by the ICC
  • Cricket Stumps are suited to grass cricket wickets only
Professional Quality Wooden Cricket Stumps – ICC Regulation

An excellent choice for competitive cricket at all levels, these professional-grade FORTRESS Wooden Cricket Stumps bring elite quality to any cricket wicket. Available in two styles; Club & County, these cricket stumps conform to official match regulations set by the International Cricket Council (ICC) – underlining the level of quality they possess. Each package includes 2 sets of cricket stumps consisting of 6x wooden poles, 4x bails & a high-quality carry bag to ensure you’ll always be fully prepared for a match day. The carry bags allow you to store & transport the stumps with ease, ensuring they remain in pristine condition when not being used.

  • FORTRESS Wooden Cricket Stumps – Club & County Standard Cricket Stumps
  • Premium-Grade Cricket Stumps conform with ICC Regulations for competitive cricket
  • Club Match Cricket Stumps have been crafted using polished Mango Wood
  • Country Match Cricket Stumps manufactured from premium English Ash Wood
  • Package includes 2x sets of stumps; 6x poles, 4x bails & a heavy-duty carry bag
  • Both styles of cricket stumps are available in two sizes: Youth (27in) & Senior (28in)

Available in two styles, these high-quality cricket stumps have been expertly crafted to combine an elite performance with world-class durability. The club standard cricket stumps are manufactured from high-quality Mango Wood, which has been bleached & polished for increased strength & a professional appearance. The county match stumps have been hand-carved using traditional English Ash Wood, which combines with a varnish finish for an elite performance suited to the very highest level of cricket. Both styles of cricket stumps come with a heavy-duty nylon carry bag, with the county standard stumps’ carry bag featuring a carry strap for added convenience.

PLEASE NOTE: These FORTRESS ICC Regulation Cricket Stumps are suitable for traditional grass wickets only. If you require cricket stumps suited to all cricket surfaces, please see the essentials above.