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FORZA Alu110 360° Football Goal Wheels

FORZA Alu110 360° Football Goal Wheel. Revolutionary rotational wheel for manoeuvring football goals in all directions on any terrain. 60mm box section T6 aerospace grade aluminium and zinc plated steel bracket with a pivot and lock mechanism. Extendable non-trap handle for a ground clearance of 10in. Sets of 2 or 8.

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Unique 360° Lever Lift Wheel For Football Goal Manoeuverability

FORZA Alu110 360° Football Goal Wheel Specifications


  • Each wheel measures 10in (260mm) in diameter x 3in (85mm) wide
  • Wheel Load Capacity - 220kg
  • Ground clearance of 10 inches - Highest lifting wheels available


  • 60mm box section T6 aerospace grade aluminium
  • Frame is powder coated for rust-resistance
  • Zinc plated steel bracket with greased internal bearings
  • Extendable non-trap lever handles for easy lifting
  • Heavy-duty 55m axle with steel hubs
  • Easy-to-operate securing pin
  • Micro-cellular polyurethane tyre on polypropylene wheel is puncture proof and UV treated
  • Extra wide tyres with a deep diamond patterned tread to prevent sinking into muddy ground

Operational Features

  • 360° rotational wheel allows the goal to spin around and move backwards, forwards and sideways
  • Capable of moving up and down slopes, across gravel, on muddy pitches, synthetic grass and even unkempt Sunday League pitches
  • Can move goals from the pitch to storage and over curbs
  • Heavy duty extra thick steel brackets simply bolt into the aluminium channel of FORZA Alu110 goals
  • Features a pivot and lock mechanism which eliminates manual lifting of goals by simply pulling a lever
  • Lever system lifts goals up to 10 inches off the ground (3 x the height of other goal wheels)
  • Effortlessly moves goals sideways through narrow gaps and gates


  • Can be moved by one person, although it is recommended that 2 people move the goal for optimal mobility
  • FORZA 360° wheels are strong, long lasting, easy to use, 100% weatherproof and safe
  • All steelwork is zinc plate treated to protect against corrosion
  • Conforms to BS EN 748, ASTM & AS Safety Standards worldwide
Move Your Goal In Any Direction With The FORZA 360° Lever Lift Football Goal Wheels

Upgrade your football goals range of movement with the revolutionary lever operated FORZA 360° rotational goal wheels. A cutting-edge and unique football goal accessory, the 360° wheel has been designed and tested in conjunction with Manchester United’s ground staff, resulting in the most safe, strong and easy to operate football goal wheels on the market. The rotational wheel facilitates hassle-free movement in all directions, allowing the goal to be turned backwards, forwards and sideways for superior manoeuvrability in all directions when compared with more restrictive goal wheels.

  • 360° lever lift wheel provides effortless movement in all direction and through tight spaces such as gates
  • Made from 60mm box section T6 aerospace grade aluminium which is powder coated for rust protection
  • All-terrain goal wheel can move up and down slopes, across gravel, muddy and synthetic pitches as well as unkempt Sunday League grounds
  • Highest lifting wheels available worldwide with ground clearance of 10in preventing the bottom frame from catching the ground during movement
  • Extendable non-trap lever arm handle with rubber grip for greater elevation and control when lifting the goal and lowering the goal to the ground
  • Fitted with a pivot and lock system which eliminates manual lifting of goals and ensures that the goals reliably remain on their wheels
  • Featuring a deep diamond tread, the extra wide high-strength polyurethane tyre is fully puncture proof and UV treated
  • Tyres are fitted onto heavy-duty zinc plated steel brackets with greased internal bearings for slick rotational operation

Designed for use with the FORZA Alu110 Freestanding Football Goal range, the 360 lever lift wheel is adept at gliding across all terrains, including gravel and muddy pitches. Perfect for moving football goals from storage to the pitch and back, the 360 degree goal wheels allow the goal to easily move sideways through narrow gates and around corners. When raised, the lever lift football wheels provide an impressive ground clearance of 10 inches, further enhancing convenience as it can lift above training equipment strewn on the ground, negating the need to clear the area.

Manufactured from premium grade materials, the 360 rotational wheels has been made using 60mm box section T6 aerospace grade aluminium, finished in a black powder coating for rust-resistance when used outdoors. Featuring a heavy-duty 55mm axle and zinc plated steel bracket, the 360° football goal wheels are sturdy and long-lasting, allowing goals to be moved freely for multiple seasons worth of regular use without incurring damage. While it is recommended that two people operate the 360 football goal wheels, the maneuvering process is lightweight and effortless enough to be undertaken by one person.

A ground-breaking one-of-a-kind product, the 360° lever lift wheel boast an innovative pivot and lock mechanism which enhances safety measures by lifting the goalposts onto its wheels with a simple pull of the lever. Removing the need for manual lifting, the lever type goal wheels reduce the strain and exertion of moving football goals. The 360 degrees rotational wheels come equipped with an integrated extendable non-trap lever arm handle with a rubber grip which gives greater leverage and control when lifting, as well as dropping the goal wheels onto the surface with no gaps for compact storage in accordance with official match regulations.

To guarantee optimal performance and mobility across uneven and muddy pitches, the 360° football lever wheels have been designed with a deep diamond tread which prevents sinking into the ground. Made from heavy-duty polyurethane, the puncture-proof tyre encases a robust polypropylene wheel for unbeatable durability and reliable performance. UV stabilised with a 220kg load capacity, the extra wide football goal wheels will roll across any playing surface with the greatest of ease.

PLEASE NOTE - The FORZA Alu110 360° Football Goal Wheels conform to worldwide BS EN 748, ASTM and AS Safety Standards.