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FORZA American Football End Zone Pylons

Make sure your gridiron looks professional while conforming with NFL standards with these end zone markers. American football end zone markers available in packs of four or packs of eight. Made from wipe clean vinyl PVC with a soft touch foam core. Regulation height of 18 inches. Weighted base keeps your pylons in position.

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Anchorless American Football Pylons Available In Packs Of Four or Eight

American Football End Zone Pylons


  • Length x Width X Height: 18in x 4in x 4in | 46cm x 10cm x 10cm


  • Casing: Wipe clean PVC vinyl
  • Core: Soft-touch foam


  • Available in packs of 4 or packs of 8
  • Pylons conform with official NFL regulations
  • Weighted base keeps your endzone markers in position
Clearly Mark Out The Goal Line And End Zone Of Your American Football Field With These Pylons

Specifically designed to conform with official NFL sizing regulations, these American Football Endzone Pylons are the perfect way to clearly mark out your pitches endzone and goal lines. Bright orange in colour, the endzone pylons will provide an eye-catching marker which will help both players and referees to accurately determine the exact parameters of your American football field.

  • Set of four end zone pylons
  • Dimensions H x W x D: 18in x 4in x 4in
  • Wipe-clean and weatherproof PVC Vinyl casing
  • Soft touch foam interior absorbs the impact of accidental collisions
  • Weighted base to prevents your American football end zone pylons from blowing away
  • Colour: Orange
  • Sold in packs of four or packs of eight
  • Each pylon weighs 1.6kg

Crafted using premium materials, the outer casings of these American football endzone pylons are manufactured using wipe clean PVC vinyl. This weatherproof material will not rot or corrode after extended exposure to heavy rainfall or intense sunlight. This hard-wearing construction will allow you to use these endzone pylons throughout adverse weather conditions. The endzone marker’s heavy-duty outer casing also protects its high-quality core which is made from soft touch foam. Extremely absorbent, this foam insert will significantly reduce the risk your players succumbing to injury if they accidently collide with your endzone markers.

To prevent your American football endzone pylons becoming blown over during intense winds their bases are filled with sand. This innovative feature adds minimal weight to your gridiron pylons guaranteeing they will stay in postion without the need to be anchored to the ground.