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FORZA Aussie Rules Football Speed & Agility Training Ladder

FORZA Aussie Rules Football Speed & Agility Training Ladder available in 3m or 6m. Florescent yellow adjustable plastic rungs with high-quality nylon edges.

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Ultra-Durable Aussie Rules Football Speed & Agility Training Ladder


  • Available in lengths of 3m (10ft) or 6m (20ft)
  • 40cm wide (16 inches)


  • Flat plastic rungs
  • Nylon edges


  • Colour: Florescent yellow rungs with nylon edges
  • The flat shape of the plastic rungs minimises the risk of injury
  • Rungs can be adjusted up and down the speed ladder
  • 3m (10ft) ladder contains 6 rungs
  • 6m (20ft) ladder contains 12 rungs
Improve Your Aussie Rules Football Team’s Agility With this 40cm Wide Speed Ladder

This hard-wearing speed ladder is the perfect piece of Aussie Rules football training equipment for anyone looking to improve their speed of thought, lateral movement and overall pace. Available in lengths of either 3m (10ft) or 6m (20ft) which are both 40cm (16 inches) wide this speed ladder will quickly become a staple of your training sessions and match day warm ups.

  • 3m (10ft) or 6m (20ft) FORZA Aussie Rules Football Speed & Agility Training Ladder.
  • Both sizes are 40cm (16 inches) wide.
  • Plastic rungs are made from flat florescent yellow plastic to reduce the chance of injury.
  • Rungs can be slid up and down the ladder edges to adjust gap size.
  • Ladder edges are made from hard-wearing nylon.
  • Sold individually however this ladder can be attached to additional ladders for a longer course.

To reduce the risk of injury by slipping the plastic rungs of this speed ladder are manufactured from a flat plastic. This design works with the fluorescent yellow colour to ensure this piece of training equipment remains visible, even during low-light sessions. Each plastic rung can be slid up or down the high-quality nylon edges to create a more or less challenging footwork course depending on how you position the rungs. You can also tie additional training ladders (sold separately) to this speed ladder to increase the length of your footwork course.