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FORZA Football Post Protector Padding

Premium 6ft (1.8m) post protection padding for football goals. White safety protector pads with an outer diameter of either 60mm, 80mm or 110mm for goalposts and back stanchions. Manufactured from a hard wearing water resistant material with a quick release fastening system for optimum security. Available individually or as a pair.

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6ft Tall Safety Pads For Football Goalposts And Back Stanchions


  • Height: 6ft | 1.8m
  • Outer diameters: 60mm, 80mm (back stanchion), 110mm (full size goalpost)
  • Suitable for the following post sizes - 60mm, 76mm/80mm, 110mm


  • Compacted 12mm thick foam 
  • Hard wearing water resistant composition
  • Quick release fastening mechanism for quick attachment and removal


  • Post protector pads are suitable for freestanding and socketed football goals 
  • Colour: White
  • Pads are FORZA branded
Professional Quality Front And Back Stanchion Post Protector Pads For Football Goals

Provide your team with a safe playing environment with these front and back stanchion goal safety pads. Engineered from a durable 12mm thick compacted foam, the varying sized protector padding will effectively safeguard your equipment and players. Each 6ft (1.8m) protector is available in three outer diameter sizes that have been designed to effortlessly and seamlessly attach to the front and back stanchions of your goal. Choose from post protectors that are 60mm, 80mm or 110mm to perfectly suit your requirements.

  • Available in three outer diameter sizes, 60mm, 80mm and 110mm for front and back stanchions 
  • Classic and clean white coloured goal post protector pads
  • Hard wearing water resistant foam material that is perfectly suitable for outdoor conditions
  • Can be used for both socketed and freestanding goals
  • 6ft (1.8m) tall safety padding sold individually or as a pair
  • Features a quick release fastening system for quick and easy application

The weatherproof composition of these durable post protectors ensures that your goal posts will remain preserved even during periods of harsh weather. This 6ft (1.8m) tall post safety pad has been especially crafted from a densely compacted foam to form a secure seal around your goal posts. Due to this protective feature, each football goal posts safety protector will effectively shield against damage incurred indoors or outdoors.

Available in a white colour as standard, this robust and professional football post protector has been designed to perfectly attach to your goal. With a convenient quick release fastening system that allows for easy use and installation, you’ll be able to create a safe playing environment for your players. For added durability, the premium safety padding for football goals features water-resistant properties. Fitting to your goalposts and stanchions tightly, this essential piece of football ground equipment has been created to deliver protection and professionalism to your pitch.

PLEASE NOTE - Our post protection padding can also be applied to other sports, including rugby, GAA, basketball and more. Similarly, this safety padding can also be applied to schools, councils and industrial purposes. We also stock the best netball post protector padding.

This post safety padding is suitable for the following goalpost sizes - 60mm, 76mm/80mm, 110mm