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FORZA Football Training Marker Cones [5 Colours]

FORZA Football Training Marker Cones. Made using strong plastic, the cones have a width of 20.5cm and a height of 5cm. Includes a plastic carry stand for storage and portability. Coming in 5 fluorescent colour options, space marker cones can greatly improve efficiency and focus during football training sessions. Available in packs of 50 or 1000.

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Football Training Marker Cones Available In Fluorescent Colours

FORZA Football Training Marker Cone Specifications


  • Multi-Coloured (Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and Orange)
  • Orange
  • Orange And Yellow
  • White
  • Pink


  • Width – 20.5cm (8 inches)
  • Height – 5cm (2 inches)
  • Hole Diameter – 5cm (2 inches)
  • Weight – 28g (1oz)


  • High-strength plastic manufacturing
  • Heavier design for stability
  • Suitable for all playing surfaces


  • Suitable for fitness and football training drills at home or in organised club training
  • Available in packs of 50 or 1000
Highly Visible Football Training Marker Cones Made From Ultra-Strong Plastic

An essential piece of training equipment for football coaches, the cutting-edge football cones create brightly coloured pitch boundaries for small-sided training matches, skill drills and fitness practice. The coloured cones have been manufactured from sturdy yet lightweight plastic which is strong enough to handle consistent football training sessions and collisions with boots. Made with a heavier design, the football marker cones remain fixed to the ground on gusty and rain days. A must-have for football players of all standards, the versatile disc marker cones can also be used at home for extra training.

  • The plastic football cones are built with a width of 20.5cm (8 inches), height of 5cm (2 inches) and weight of 28g (1oz)
  • Made from an ultra-strong plastic material which stays stable on the pitch while also remaining light in weight
  • Available as multi-coloured, orange, orange/yellow, pink and white marker cones which are highly visible
  • For convenient storage and transportation, all disc marker cones are supplied with a plastic cone stand
  • The football space marker cones are suitable for all levels of the game and come in packs of 50 or 1000

The colourful cones for football are supplied in a range of 5 colour options, with multi-coloured, white, pink, orange/yellow and orange marker cones on offer. Each high-visibility colour option created fluorescent training drill boundaries which can be easily spotted even during low-light sessions. The football dome marker cones have a multitude of uses and can be applied to football training at all levels. Coaches looking for a long-lasting investment can grab these plastic football marker cones in packs of 50 or 1000.

Made using an innovative technique which provides an increased weight, the football training marker cones won’t blow away when used throughout the year. In spite of this heavier design, the football disc cones are incredibly lightweight, allowing coaches to alter their position quickly and easily. For optimal convenience, a plastic cone carry stand is included, which allows coaches to collect, store and transport their football cones. Suitable for use on any playing surface, these are the best football training marker cones on the market.

PLEASE NOTE - Net World Sports also supplies the FORZA Training Cones Pick-Up Tool (Cone Champ), which has been designed with a cutting-edge retractable hook which easily collects large quantities of space cones. This football cone collection tool can be added to your order in the above ‘essentials’ drop-down.