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FORZA GAA Gaelic Football Training Footballs and Carry Bag Set [12 Pack]

12 training balls for Gaelic football in size 4 or 5, ideal for clubs and schools. 100% hand stitched Gaelic football ball for first-class quality. Manufactured from a blend of natural and synthetic rubber and reinforced with 3 layers of polyester viscose. Hi-tech airlock bladder for exceptional air retention. Ball carry bag with drawstring mechanism for convenience also included.

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Authentic Handsewn Gaelic Football Training Balls for Club and School Training

Handsewn Gaelic Ball for Training


  • Size 4: Suitable for ladies’ teams and for age 15 and under
  • Size 5: Suitable for age 16 and above


  • Panels are made from a blend of synthetic and natural rubber.
  • Finished with 3 layers of polyester viscose


  • 100% hand stitched Gaelic football
  • Airlock bladder maintains consistent air pressure levels
  • Suitable for training matches

Convenient Gaelic Football Ball Bag

  • Made from knotted see through mesh material
  • Black in colour with Net World Sports branding
  • 12 size 5 GAA training balls can fit inside
Elite Level Gaelic Footballs for Club and School Training

A set of Gaelic football training balls designed for quality performance in all weather conditions. Prepare for Gaelic Football matches in the best way possible with the 100% hand stitched Gaelic trainer footballs. The durable stitched panelling will ensure your ball does not separate even under duress of your fiercest hook kicks.

  • FORZA Gaelic Training Footballs available in size 4 or 5.
  • Outer casing of GAA training balls made from perfect blend of natural and synthetic rubber for durability.
  • Further protection given with 3 laminated layers of polyester viscose.
  • 100% handsewn panels.
  • Hi-tech airlock bladder maintains optimum levels of air pressure
  • Black mesh carry bag for storing and transporting Gaelic practice balls

The Gaelic football practice ball panels are designed and manufactured with an impressive resilient outer casing to allow use in any weather conditions. 3 layers of polyester viscose also protect the Gaelic football ball for training from the elements, whilst also giving the Gaelic football pre-match balls excellent ball response and feel.

The impressive layers of outer casing protect the hi-tech airlock bladder within the GAA practice football which is designed to minimise potential escaping air and maintain ideal levels of air pressure.

The secure mesh carry bag provided is the perfect tool for coaches and teachers to transport and store the set of GAA training footballs. A drawstring mechanism gives easy access and secure closure of the bag, ensuring training sessions can start and end with optimal efficiency.

PLEASE NOTE- The Gaelic football carry bag can also be used to transport various other sports balls including footballs, basketballs, rugby balls, netballs and AFL balls.