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FORZA Hockey Training Marker Cones

Orange, heavy-duty plastic, traffic cone styled marker cones for hockey. Available in heights of 9 inches, 12 inches and 15 inches, in packs of 10 or 100.

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Orange Marker Cones For The Training Ground


  • Height Options: 9 inches (23cm), 12 inches (30.5cm), 15 inches (38cm)


  • Traffic cone shaped sturdy, durable plastic


  • Colour: High Visibility Orange
  • Available in packs of 10 and 100
  • Multiple uses from pitch marking, temporary goal posts to dribbling cones
Arrange Your Hockey Coaching Sessions Using the Orange Training Marker Cones

Get the most out of your training session with these orange training cones. Coaches can find multiple purposes for these taller styled cones to really enhance their training session, from dribbling drills to agility exercises to pitch markings.

  • Taller profile and bright orange colour increases visibility, meaning they really can't be missed!
  • Durable plastic design to ensure the cones remain in fine condition throughout the season.
  • Height options include 9 inch (23cm), 12 inch (30cm) and 15 inch (38cm).
  • Multiple uses in a variety of drills and sports, from involvement in training drills to marking out pitches.
  • Available in packs of 10 or 100, to meet the requirements of the club or team.

The visibility of this marker cone is greater than the flatter space cones due to its added height. The taller profile and fluorescent orange colour of the training cone give it a great visibility, making it perfect for pitch markings and other cases where the cone visibility may be crucial.

Being available at 9 inches (23cm), 12 inches (30cm) and 15inches (38cm), the cones have a lot of uses. As previously mentioned, the taller profile can work as a beacon for pitch markings if required. On top of that, the hockey training cones can also become a more substantial option to the flatter cones when needing temporary posts or dribbling obstacles. Its uses do not stop at dribbling drills and temporary goal posts though. You can get creative and balance something on top of two cones to create a hurdle for people or the ball, adding a new dimension to your hockey practice.