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FORZA Ice Hockey Speed Chute

Ice hockey speed chute manufactured from ultra-durable polyester. Parachute canopy has a diameter of 137cm when open. Adjustable cord waist belt. Lightweight carry bag for storage and transportation.

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Ice Hockey Speed Parachute With Lightweight Carry Bag

  • FORZA Speed Chute For Ice Hockey Training

    Improve Your Speed

    This ice hockey parachute will add up to 22kgs of additional resistance, improving your speed, stamina and overall lower body strength.

  • One Size Fits All Speed Hockey Chute

    Adjustable Waist Belt

    The cord waist belt of this ice hockey speed chute allows players of all shapes and sizes to comfortably wear this piece of training equipment.

  • 137cm | 54 Inch Canopy Speed Chute

    Large Polyester Canopy

    Measuring 137cm the black and white polyester canopy of this speed chute will not rip or tear as you reach your top skating speeds.


  • Canopy diameter: 137cm (54 inch)


  • Canopy: Polyester
  • Waist belt: Webbed cord 


  • Ice hockey speed chute will provide 22kgs (50lbs) of additional resistance
  • One size fits all
  • Quick release mechanism allows you to easily detach the speed chute
  • Drawstring carry bag for storage and transportation
Adjustable FORZA Ice Hockey Speed Chute For On And Off Ice Training Sessions

Capable of adding an additional 22kg (50lbs) of resistance to training drills, using this FORZA Ice Hockey Speed Chute will increase your speed, stamina and lower body strength. As you begin to reach your top speed the 137cm (54 inch) diameter canopy of this speed chute will quickly deploy, in turn forcing you to work harder during speed and agility drills.

  • Ice hockey speed chute has a diameter of 137cm (54 inches).
  • Manufactured from ultra-durable polyester and mesh.
  • Adjustable waistband allows this training speed chute to be used by all players.
  • Adds up to 22kg (50lbs).
  • Lightweight carry bag for storage.

The ultra-durable canopy is manufactured from black and white polyester mesh which helps this speed chute stay taut, even in an indoor environment with no wind such as an ice rink. Constructed with a high-quality cord waist band, ice hockey players of all shapes and sizes can comfortably use this speed chute, whilst the heavy-duty plastic clasp facilitates quick removal.