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FORZA Match Dimple Hockey Balls

FIH regulation dimpled hockey balls. High-quality cork dual compostion core, surrounded by a softer heavy-duty PVC outer shell. Match hockey balls are available in packs of 6 or 12.

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All Surface Dimple Hockey Balls With Cork Cores For Match Use

  • Dimpled Hockey Balls | All Surface Hockey Balls

    Designed For All Surfaces

    The dimpled design of these match ready hockey balls allows them to smoothly travel across, grass, water-based and artificial hockey pitches.

  • Match Hockey Balls | FIH Regulation Match Balls

    Hockey Balls For All Levels

    With a circumference of 224mm these balls conform with the FIH regulations, which means they are ideal for all standards of play.

  • Dual Layered Hockey Balls | High Performance Match Balls

    High Performance Hockey Balls

    A solid core moulded from cork and rubber improves the contact and softens the touch of these match ready hockey balls.


  • Circumference: 224mm (8.8 inch)


  • Core: Dual layer cork and rubber
  • Outer shell: Dimpled PVC
  • Three star construction


  • Can be used on grass, artificial and water based pitches
  • Suitable for National & International League Club Matches
  • Conforms to FIH Match Regulations
  • Weight: 5.5oz
  • Colour: White

These high-quality FORZA hockey balls are designed to be used across all surfaces thanks to the innovative dimpled design. This indentation results in hockey balls which smoothly glide across artificial, grass and water-based hockey pitches to ensure they are suitable for use during professional hockey games and amateur training sessions.

  • Hockey balls have a circumference of 224mm (8.8 inches) which conforms with FIH regulations.
  • Dual layered cork and rubber insert is surrounded by ultra-durable dimpled PVC.
  • Dimpled surface improves ball manoeuvrability and greatly reduces drag.
  • For use on artificial, grass and water-based hockey pitches.
  • Weight 5.5 oz.
  • Available in packs of 6 or 12.

In order to provide the best performance possible these FORZA Match Dimple Hockey Balls are manufactured with a dual layered cork and rubber core. This lightweight core combines with the hard-wearing white PVC encasing to provide a true connection to your hockey stick, allowing you to perfect drag flicks and slap shots. The hockey balls have a circumference of 224mm (8.8 inches) and weigh 5.5oz to provide you with a familiar feeling replacement to your current worn out balls. 

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