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FORZA Pro Football Goal Target Sheets

FORZA Pro Football Goal Target Sheets made from airmesh material with fluorescent yellow banding. Perfect for top and bottom corner football shooting drills. 6 sizes with bungee cords included. Add a Training Football, Ball Pump, Free-Kick Mannequin and/or Rebounder in the essentials. Target Sheet ONLY, football goal NOT INCLUDED

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Professional Football Goal Target Sheets For Shooting Drills

FORZA Pro Football Goal Target Sheet Specifications

Target Sheet Materials

  • Made from premium air mesh material
  • Heavy duty mesh net sheet and nylon banding
  • Bright & highly visible fluro yellow banding clearly displays where the target zones are located

Goal Attachment

  • Strong loop and pin straps for simple and secure attachment to any goal frame
  • Hook and loop pin straps are 9.5cm (3.75in) wide
  • Long elastic bungee cords attach the bottom of the sheet to the goal, to enhance shape retention

Training Use

  • Focuses on developing shooting accuracy in the four main scoring zones (top and bottom corners)
  • Suited to developing penalties, free kick taking and open play finishing

Sizes (Length x Height)

  • Designed specifically to fit six goal sizes
  • Sizes - 12 x 6, 3m x 2m (futsal goal), 16 x 7, 18.5 x 6.5, 21 x 7 and 24 x 8
  • This listing is for a target sheet only. Football goals are sold separately
  • PLEASE NOTE - This target sheet is not suitable for use during high winds
  • FORZA Pro Football Goal Target Sheets – Premium Quality Football Training Equipment For Strikers

    These premium quality football goal target sheets have been manufactured to enhance shooting drills for striker. Isolating the four main scoring zones of the goal, the football training target sheets are the best way to learn how to strike the ball into the top corners and bottom corners of the goal, with a weatherproof design which is perfect for year-round training. Designed to specifications worthy of gracing top international training grounds, strikers of all standards will be scoring for fun with this essential piece of football training equipment.

    • Football goal targets available in sizes for all age groups – 12ft x 6ft, 3m x 2m, 16ft x 7ft, 18.5ft x 6.5ft, 21ft x 7ft and 24ft x 8ft
    • Mesh football target sheets manufactured with a premium air-mesh design
    • The fluorescent yellow banding highlights the top and bottom corners, allowing for enhanced focus during finishing drills for strikers
    • For quick and easy attachment, 9.5cm loop and pin straps and extra-long elastic bungee cords are included
    • The FORZA Pro Football Goal Target Sheets are perfect for use with the premium quality STEEL42, ALU60 and ALU110 FORZA Football Goals.

    Develop deadly goal scoring technique with this essential football training equipment. Designed to provide challenging training drills by isolating the top and bottom corners of the goal, the football training targets feature a luminous Fluro yellow banding which place emphasis on the main scoring zones of the goal. The heavy-duty football goal target sheets feature nylon banding and mesh netting which are both incredibly durable and adept at handling off-target shots without becoming damaged.

    Consistency is key when training, and these all-weather football target sheets have been designed to ensure that your skill practice sessions aren’t halted during the winter. The cutting-edge air mesh materials ensure that the reliable football goal target sheets retain their shape for effective training session. Suitable for use in the back garden as well as for club training sessions, the versatile target sheets for strikers are true game-changers.

    FORZA Pro Football Goal Target Sheet Size Guide

    • 12ft x 6ft - For junior mini-soccer football goals
    • 3m x 2m - Futsal goal target sheet
    • 16ft x 7ft - Perfect size for junior 9 a side football goals
    • 18.5ft x 6.5ft - Football target sheet for training goals
    • 21ft x 7ft - For junior matchday or senior training goals
    • 24ft x 8ft - Target sheet for regulation full size football goals

    PLEASE NOTE – These professional football goal target sheets have been specifically manufactured for use with the top of the range FORZA Steel42, Alu60 and Alu110 football goals.

    For junior football target sheets and alternative sizes please see our Football Goal Target Sheets by clicking here.

    PLEASE NOTE - This target sheet is not suitable for use during high winds