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FORZA SD300 Youth Basketball Ball

The best basketball ball for indoor and outdoor use. Available as a junior basketball through to an official sized basketball (size 7), these FORZA basketballs can be used by any player of any age and ability. Featuring hard-wearing materials and an airlock hybrid bladder, these different size basketballs can be used all year round without losing performance. Available in a variety of sizes.

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The Perfect All-Round Basketball For Any Player

FORZA SD300 Youth Basketball


  • Vibrant rubber outer cover suitable for all conditions indoor and outdoor
  • Laid in composite channels for unparalleled grip and realistic bounce
  • Nylon winding for additional strength and temperature resistance
  • Features vulcanized bladder with airlock hybrid system for enhanced air retention

Available Sizes & Colour

  • Blue - Basketball Size 3 (22in) | Age 4-8
  • Purple - Basketball Size 5 (27.5in) | Age 9-11
  • Orange - Basketball Size 6 (28.5in) | Age 12-14 [Boys] | 12+ Year [Girls & Women]
  • Green - Basketball Size 7 (29.5in) | Age 15+ [Boys & Men]


  • Suitable for all ages and abilities
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • Available in both official and youth sizes
The Best Basketball For Players Of All Ages And Abilities

Get the ultimate basketball with the SD range from FORZA. With a selection of sizes from kids basketball balls to professional basketball balls these indoor and outdoor basketballs are perfect for any player of any age and ability. The SD300 basketball is the perfect starting basketball for any novice basketball player. Manufactured from ultra-durable materials these SD300 premium basketballs provide unrivalled longevity in all weather conditions.

  • Hard-wearing materials for additional long-lasting performance
  • Laid in composite channels provide unparalleled control no matter the weather
  • Nylon winding for additional strength and temperature resistance
  • Vulcanized bladder for increased flexibility, durability and strength
  • Supreme air retention via airlock hybrid bladder that reduces the need for constant inflation
  • SD300 available in all Adult and Youth basketball sizes

Manufactured from a variety of hard-wearing materials, this FORZA professional basketball provides ultimate durability year after year. The strong outer layer provides a firm layer to protect the vulcanized bladder and provide realistic bounce and flexibility. These outdoor and indoor basketballs are perfect for any pick-up game as well as regulated matches and provides ultimate performance to each prospective player.

With the SD300 being available in all Men’s, Women’s and children’s basketball sizes, there is an elite basketball ball for each player of every age and ability. The SD300 training basketball is available in a variety of colours depending on size and is ideal for novice or amateur players. Available as a size 3, 5, 6 & 7, this starter basketball is ideal for amateur basketball players of all ages and abilities.