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Full American Flag Football Package

The best flag football flags and field equipment for any official or unofficial game. Featuring PVC flags and adjustable belts along with an assortment of high-quality field equipment, these flag football packages offer unparalleled quality to your field and game. Whether you are just starting out or you require official equipment, these flag football sets offer the perfect kit for your every need and requirement.

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Set Includes

Flag Football Game Package – Pro

  • 20 x adjustable waist belts
  • 40 x hanging flags
  • Flags are available in blue or green
  • PVC weatherproof End Zone Pylons
  • Weatherproof Day & Night side-line markers
  • Ultra-durable PU leather FORZA TD100 American game football
  • Pump That Ball™ Ball Pump

Flag Football Game Package – Starter

  • 20 x adjustable waist belts
  • 40 x hanging flags
  • Flags are available in blue or green
  • 12in marker cones
  • Ultra-durable PVC FORZA TD200 American practice football
  • Pump That Ball™ Ball Pump
  • Mesh ball carry bag


  • Perfect for schools, clubs and official adult flag football leagues
  • Each set includes everything required to host a flag football game
The Ultimate Set Of Flag Football Equipment

Create your own flag football game with these premium flag football sets. With the option to include adjustable belts and hook and loop PVC flags, end zone pylons, side-line flag football yard markers, an American football and a pump, hosting a game of flag football has never been easier. An essential safer, alternative piece of training and matchday equipment to prevent injuries through contact.

  • Professional flag football gear that includes everything required to host a junior or adult flag football game
  • Includes the flag football flags and flag football belts along with field equipment needed for flag football
  • Can be used by players of any size, age and ability
  • Packages includes FORZA TD100 or TD200 flag football ball
  • Available in 5 different package types

Suitable for use as kids flag football equipment and as an adult flag football set, these flag football kit packages include everything you could possibly need to get your game started. With a variety of high-quality flag football kit available, you are sure to find the right flag football accessories for your needs and requirements. This flag football flag set helps provide a safer alternative to other full contact sports whilst still allowing high intensity fun. The 40 PVC weatherproof tags provided with these flag football belts can be quickly attached and removed thanks to the design of the hook and loop system.

Included in the premium Pro Flag Football Game Package are our high-quality American flag football belts and flags, end zone pylons, side-line yard markers, FORZA TD100 American game football. This high-end adult flag football set provides you with all the flag football field equipment you could possibly need. Included in the Flag football Starter Game Package are the PVC flag football belts and flags, 12inch marker cones, a FORZA TD200 American practice football, ball pump and a mesh ball carry bag.