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Full-Height AFL Tackle Bag [Pro Model]

AFL tackle bag manufactured from rip-proof 600GSM PVC filled with multi-layered foam. Ultra-durable top and bottom caps and carry handles. Available in five heights.

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600GSM Weather And Rip Proof PVC Aussie Rules Football Tackle Pads

Full Height Tackle Bags Specifications


  • Mini (8kg): 99cm high x 33cm diameter
  • Junior (14kg): 117cm high x 33cm diameter  
  • Youth (19kg): 117cm high x 38cm diameter
  • Senior (23kg): 135cm high x 38cm diameter
  • Jumbo (34kg): 135cm high x 46cm diameter


  • Outer casing: 600GSM PVC
  • Core: Multi-layered foam
  • Handles: Woven carry handles


  • Colour: Blue
  • Top and bottom caps double this tackle bags lifespan
  • Outer casing is weather and rip proof
  • Please always use the carry handles while transporting your tackle bag
Full Height Aussie Rules Football Tackle Bag Made From 600GSM Rip Proof PVC

Available in five heights (mini, junior, youth, senior, jumbo), these AFL tackle bags are suitable for front drive tackles, side impact tackles and behind drop tackles thanks to the premium materials they are manufactured from. Designed to absorb the impact of any tackle, this bags core is made from exceptionally absorbent multi-layered foam which can effortlessly withstand any impact. This high-quality material ensures your training sessions will not end in injury.  

  • Full Height AFL tackle bag available in five sizes: Mini, junior, youth, senior and jumbo
  • Outer casing is made from 600GSM rip proof PVC which is also weatherproof
  • Multi-layered foam inner core provides exceptional impact absorption  
  • Heavy-duty woven handles for easy transportation
  • Ultra-durable ground caps double this AFL ruck bags life span

To ensure this Aussie Rules football tackle bag can be used throughout all weather conditions, its outer layer is fabricated from high-quality 600GSM PVC. This weatherproof material guarantees your AFL ruck bag will not corrode after multiple wet weather training sessions. The PVC this AFL ruck bag is made is also rip proof, guaranteeing this bag will maintain an exceptionally high performance level for seasons to come.

Heavy-duty top and bottom caps help to maximise the lifespan of this piece AFL training equipment. These hard-wearing caps allow you to use this Aussie Rules football specky bag both ways, reducing the burden it will face.

Please Note: Always use the handles when carrying tackle bags – dragging the bags will prematurely wear away the stitching and damage the bag.

   Height  Width / Diameter  Mini (0-10 Years Old) (8kg)  99cm (39 Inches)  33cm (13 Inches)  Junior (10-14 Years Old) (14kg)  117cm (46 Inches)  33cm (13 Inches)  Youth (Youth/Ladies Teams) (19kg)  117cm (46 Inches)  38cm (15 Inches)  Senior (Professional & Senior Teams) (23kg)  135cm (53 Inches)  38cm (15 Inches)  Jumbo (Professional & Senior Teams) (34kg)  135cm (53 Inches)  46cm (18 Inches)