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Full-Height Rugby Tackle Bag [Pro Model]

Elite-level Full Height Rugby Tackle Bag ideal for tackling training drills. Made from rip-proof, weatherproof PVC with a multi-layered foam core, this bag can be used in any conditions, for Rugby League & Union.

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100% Rip-Proof and Weatherproof Full-Height Rugby Tackle Bag

Full Height Rugby Tackle Bags Specifications


    • Mini (8kg): 99cm (39") High x 33cm (13") Diameter
    • Junior (14kg): 117cm (46") High x 33cm (13") Diameter
    • Youth (19kg): 117cm (46") High x 38cm (15") Diameter
    • Senior (23kg): 135cm (53") High x 38cm (15") Diameter
    • Jumbo (34kg): 135cm (53") High x 46cm (18") Diameter


    • Superior multi-layered foam core
    • Top & bottom caps enable use of the bag both ways
    • Double the life as compared to tackle bags without any cap
    • Rip-proof 600gsm PVC covers
    • Weatherproof and easy to clean
    • Heavy duty back and top handles


    • Colour: Blue
    • Please note: Always use the handles when carrying tackle bags
Professional-Standard Full-Height Rugby Tackle Bag For Hard-Hitting Training Sessions

These heavyweight rugby tackle bags will take your tackle training to a whole new level. Ideal for practicing your tackle accuracy and power, these elite-level tackle bags allow you to really push yourself without the risk of causing pain and injury on a fellow teammate. This high-quality piece of rugby training equipment is made from a superior multi-layered foam core which protects from even the hardest tackles, whilst providing the closest counterpart to tackling your opponent during a game.

  • Robust, rip-proof 600gsm PVC covers are built to withstand high impact hits, time and time again
  • Top and bottom caps double the product lifespan compared to rugby tackle bags without caps
  • PVC covers ensure full weatherproof protection, allowing use year-round
  • Multi-layered foam core is designed to take tough tackles without injuring your players
  • Top and back handles perfect for holding the back during training and transporting it to and from the field

Not only is it supremely tough, the full-height tackle bag is manufactured in a water resistant 600gsm PVC covering meaning it is suitable for all conditions, wet or dry. The perfect training aid for any aspiring rugby club, the extremely useful weather-resistant cover is also rip-proof and easy to clean, so you can keep it looking its best and on top of its game.

It's not just the bag itself that boasts incredible quality. The tackle bag also comes with an ultra-heavy duty handle in which the ball can fit underneath, providing even more flexibility for tackling drills as the ball can be placed on top of the bag to stimulate a realistic tackle.

This full-height tackle bag is premium piece of rugby training equipment that should be accessible to all which is why we offer such a variety of sizes. The full-height tackle bag comes in five different sizes; mini, junior, youth, senior and jumbo, offering a variety of options for your perfect rugby tackle bag. An extremely important piece of training equipment, this full-height rugby tackle bag guarantees improved tackling and enhanced safety, saving your body for a matchday.

Please Note: Always USE THE HANDLES when carrying tackle bags - dragging the bags along the ground will prematurely wear away the stitching and damage the bag.

   Height  Width / Diameter  Mini (0-10 Years Old) (8kg)  99cm (39 Inches)  33cm (13 Inches)  Junior (10-14 Years Old) (14kg)  117cm (46 Inches)  33cm (13 Inches)  Youth (Youth/Ladies Teams) (19kg)  117cm (46 Inches)  38cm (15 Inches)  Senior (Professional & Senior Teams) (23kg)  135cm (53 Inches)  38cm (15 Inches)  Jumbo (Professional & Senior Teams) (34kg)  135cm (53 Inches)  46cm (18 Inches)