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Heavy Duty Tarpaulins [300gsm]

Heavy-duty 300GSM tarpaulins manufactured from weatherproof, anti-tear and tamper PVC. Double reinforced hem and edges for durability. Brass eyelets. Available in five sizes.

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Industrial Strength Tarpaulins Manufactured From 300GSM PVC

  • Heavy-Duty Industrial Tarpaulins

    Tear Resistant Plastic

    The 300GSM PVC construction of this heavy-duty tarpaulin ensures your pallets and skips are weather and tamper proof, guaranteeing your merchandise will remain safe and secure.

  • 500gsm PVC Tarpaulin | Reinforced Industrial Tarpaulin

    Double Reinforced Edges

    With each edge of this weatherproof 500GSM PVC tarpaulin reinforced twice, you can use this industrial tarp to secure heavy pallets without the risk of rips and tears forming.

  • Anti Tamper Industrial Tarps

    Easy To Attach Tarpaulin

    Positioned at 3ft intervals around the edge of the heavy-duty tarpaulin are strong brass eyelets which allow you to tightly secure this tarp to your pallet once a tie cord is threaded.


  • Sizes available: 8ft x 5ft, 10ft x 10ft, 15ft x 10ft, 20ft x 10ft and 25ft x 25ft


  • 300GSM weatherproof and tear resistant PVC
  • Brass eyelets


  • Designed to make skips tamperproof
  • Brass eyelets are placed at 3ft (1m intervals)
  • Double reinforced hem edges
  • Colour: Green
Industrial Tarpaulins Manufactured From 300GSM Rip and Weatherproof PVC

Made to keep pallets and skips secure and protected throughout transit, this heavy-duty tarpaulin is manufactured from 300GSM PVC. This hard-wearing flexible plastic is weatherproof to guarantee your equipment will not become damaged when exposed to heavy-rainfall if your pallets are stored in an outdoor location.    

  • Heavy-duty tarpaulin manufactured from weatherproof 300GSM PVC
  • PVC is tear-resistant and tamperproof to protect your pallets
  • Industrial tarps feature brass eyelets placed at 3ft (1m) intervals
  • Double-reinforced hem and edges increase durability
  • Sizes available: 8ft x 5ft, 10ft x 10ft, 15ft x 10ft, 20ft x 10ft or 25ft x 25ft 

To further the strength of this tarpaulin each of its four border edges have been reinforced twice. This manufacturing technique works alongside the industrial tarps brass eyelets to prevent any potential separation once attached to your skip or pallet. The pallet tarpaulin also has brass eyelets which are positioned at 3ft (1m) intervals across the edges of the industrial tarp. These metal holes allow you to use a tie cord (sold separately) to tightly secure your tarpaulin to your storage device for extended periods of time.    

Suitable for pallets and skips of all shapes and sizes this industrial tarpaulin is available in five sizes, 8ft x 5ft (2.5m x 1.5m), 10ft x 10ft (3m x 3m), 15ft x 10ft (4.5m x 3m), 20ft x 10ft (6m x 10m) or 25ft x 25ft (7.6m x 7.6m). The various sizes ensure you will be able to tightly fasten this pallet shroud to industrial skips without any loose or slack material.

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