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Aussie Rules Football Spring Back Training Mannequins

Aussie Rules Football Spring Back Training Mannequins sold in packs of 3. Each mannequin stands at a height of 5ft and is supported by 25mm thick shatterproof plastic slalom poles. Mannequin body is made of mesh for durability. Carry bag included for easy transportation.
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Pack Of 3 Spring-Loaded 5Ft Tall Aussie Rules Football Training Dummies

Improve your team’s kicking technique, agility and speed of thought with this pack of 3 versatile Aussie Rules Football Spring Back Training Mannequins. Each dummy stands at a height of 5ft (1.5m) tall to provide a realistic opponent, helping to simulate a more authentic match day feeling during training sessions. 

  • Pack of Three Aussie Rules Football Spring Back Training Mannequins.
  • Ultra-durable mesh body absorbs the force of accidental collisions.  
  • Mannequins stand at a height of 5ft (1.5m) and is supported by 2 spring-loaded slalom poles.
  • Slalom poles are made from 25mm (1 inch) thick shatterproof plastic.
  • Takes approximately 2 minutes to set up.
  • Supplied with a carry bag for easy transportation.

The body of each training mannequin manufactured from ultra-durable lightweight mesh which can easily endure both footballs and players. Made for safety each training mannequin is kept upright by two spring-loaded slalom poles. Manufactured from 25mm (1 inch) thick fluorescent plastic you can rely on these poles to stay strong and upright during impacts. To further absorb the force of incoming players each support pole has a coiled spring placed at the bottom. This spring allows the Aussie rules football mannequins to bend in any direction, without the need to rest your training drill after every hit.



  • Mannequin height: 5ft (1.5m)
  • Slalom poles: 25mm (1 inch) thick


  • Mannequins: Ultra-durable mesh
  • Slalom poles: Shatterproof plastic


  • 3 training mannequins provided. 2 slalom poles for each pole.
  • Coiled springs placed on each support pole allow the mannequins to bend backwards
  • Carry bag provided for storage and transportation
  • 2 minute set up time
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