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Paceman Pitching Machine 2018 [Original S2]

The Paceman Original S2 offers full variation on pitch speed and curve. Its integrated 3G Paceman Drive System and 12-ball auto feeder pitch speeds of up to 90kph.
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The Benchmark Pitching Machine – Elite Kit at an Unbeatable Price

Drastically enhance your batting ability with the Paceman Pitching Machine Original S2. With outstanding features and quality at an affordable price, this is the ideal pitching machine to help advance your batting average.

The Paceman Original delivers consistent pitching accuracy meaning you can rely on it for effective baseball and softball practice both at home and in club training sessions. For fully portable practices, the optional battery kit will allow you to enjoy use of your Paceman baseball pitching machine in a varying environments, from grass fields to concrete and tarmac surfaces.

  • Suitable for Paceman Light, LTD and mixed balls
  • A 12 ball-capacity included
  • Varied pitch speeds of up to 90kph
  • Each Original S2 is supplied with 1 Paceman ball
  • A simple to assemble pitching machine

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your baseball career, the Paceman Original S2 allows you to replicate fastballs and breaking balls with its fully adjustable speed settings. This premium machine has been designed to deliver high velocity pitches with speeds up to 90kph to effectively challenge your technique while strengthening the upper body. Combined with the pitch delivery system, you’ll be able to perfect your batting and be fully prepared for difficult pitch types.

Included in this fantastic package is the Automatic Spiral Ball Feeder especially made for the Original S2 Pitching Machine. This feeder holds 12 balls to save you time loading the machine, leaving you free to perfect your batting technique. The Original S2 is also supplied with one Paceman ball to get you started instantly. To fully utilise your 12-ball capacity auto feeder simply add a set of Paceman LTD, Light or Mixed balls. These balls are specially crafted for the Original S2 to ensure optimum pitching accuracy that will aid your overall performance.

Please Note: The Paceman Original S2 Pitching Machine should be used only with Paceman Light, Junior or LTD balls.

   Housing  Motor  Speed  Ball Feeder  Drive Wheel  Adjustment  Ball Compatibility
Pitch Attack Plastic AC Up to 80kph 6 ball feeder included PU Pitch & Swing Light, LTD & Mixed
 Original S2
 Plastic  AC  Up to 90kph  12 ball feeder included  PU  Pitch & Swing  Light, LTD & Mixed
 Strike  Metal  DC  Up to 110kph  12 ball feeder included  Concave TPR  Pitch  Light, LTD, Mixed & Reg
 Pro X2  Metal  DC  Up to 110kph  12 ball feeder optional  Concave TPR  Pitch, Swing & Spin  Light, LTD, Mixed & Reg



  • Built-in 3G (Third Generation) Paceman Drive Mechanism
  • Speed of pitch can be adjusted using dial, up to speeds of 90kph (over 55mph)
  • Package includes 12-capacity automatic ball feeder
  • Inside breaking ball and outside breaking ball delivery function


  • Paceman S2 Pitching Machine is fitted with a UK standard 3 pin plug, with UK mains powered (220-240v). For countries outside the UK, Ireland or Australia, a step up/down voltage converter may be needed to run the machine correctly on your local mains power supply.
  • Alternatively, the optional battery kit comprised of a 300W pure sine wave inverter and a 12v (22amp/hr) deep cycle lead-acid battery will provide enough power for around 2-3 hours of use. Please note the battery charger is not included.
  • Package includes 1 Paceman ball (additional balls can be purchased from Net World Sports).
  • Suitable for baseballs, cricket balls and softballs
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