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Paceman Pitching Machine 2018 [Pro X2]

The Paceman Pro X2 delivers dazzling speeds of up to 110kph (over 68mph) and boasts fastball, inside and outside breaking ball functions. Optional auto ball feeder, battery kit & Paceman balls.
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The Supreme Batting Aid – The Paceman Pro X2 Baseball Pitching Machine

Whether you’re looking to improve your batting average or develop your overall game day performance, the Paceman Pro X2 is a well-crafted elite pitching machine that can successfully enhance a batter’s hand-eye coordination and reflexes. As an incredibly affordable piece of kit, the Paceman Pro X2 Pitching Machine is an invaluable tool for serious baseball or softball players of any age.

Due to the simplistic and functional design of this versatile pitching machine, you’ll be able to utilise it to simulate a range of different pitches to effectively challenge your players. The innovative pivot-head allows you to change the angle of the pitch, and combined with the adjustable delivery speed, enables a complete variety of pitches – inside and outside breaking balls, fastballs, sliders, splitters and more!

  • Features an adjustable delivery length and pitch type to add variation to practice sessions
  • Designed with a low maintenance moulded concave Thermoplastic Rubber wheel
  • Suitable for Paceman Light and Junior balls as well as the high-performance Paceman LTD and Regular Hard balls
  • A wide range of accessories available, from a battery kit to an automatic feeder
  • Simple to assemble, store and transport

The Paceman Pitching Machine PRO X2 can come equipped with an optional 12 ball-capacity auto feeder that will allow your batting practices to be fully automated. To further diversify your practice sessions, add the Paceman battery kit to take your training to any location.


   Housing  Motor  Speed  Ball Feeder  Drive Wheel  Adjustment  Ball Compatibility
Pitch Attack Plastic AC Up to 80kph 6 ball feeder included PU Pitch & Swing Light, LTD & Mixed
 Original S2
 Plastic  AC  Up to 90kph  12 ball feeder included  PU  Pitch & Swing  Light, LTD & Mixed
 Strike  Metal  DC  Up to 110kph  12 ball feeder included  Concave TPR  Pitch  Light, LTD, Mixed & Reg
 Pro X2  Metal  DC  Up to 110kph  12 ball feeder optional  Concave TPR  Pitch, Swing & Spin  Light, LTD, Mixed & Reg



  • Adjustable pitch velocity up to a sizzling 110kph (more than 68mph)
  • Adjustable delivery length and pitch type for short and long pitches, inside and outside breaking balls
  • Maintenance-free concave moulded Thermoplastic Rubber wheel
  • Sturdy metal construction with a powerful Titan ½ Horsepower heavy duty DC motor


  • 1 Paceman ball, additional balls can be purchased from the essentials drop down.


  • Suitable for use with Paceman Reg hard balls, LTD, Light and Junior balls
  • Easy to assemble and transport
  • Unit is UK mains powered (220-240v), fitted with a UK 3 pin plug. For other countries a step up/down voltage converter might be needed to run the machine correctly.
  • Alternatively add the optional automatic ball feeder or 1000w pure sine wave inverter and 12v deep cycle battery pack for instant play (charger not included).
  • Suitable for baseballs, cricket balls and softballs
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