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Pro Rugby First Aid Kit (Refill Only)

Comprehensive refill kit for our dedicated professional rugby first aid kit. Includes medical supplies only, does not come with first aid bag.
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Complete Refill For Rugby First Aid Kit

For when your rugby players have suffered enough bumps and bruises that your original first aid kit has been used, this handy refill kit is a guaranteed winner every time!

Please note this product is the actual medical supplies only, it does not come with the water-resistant first aid kit carry bag.


Refill Kit Contents:

  • First Aid Guidance Leaflet x 1
  • HypaCover Sterile Dressing x 2
  • HypaBand Triangular Bandage x 2
  • HypaCover Sterile Eye Dressing x 1
  • HypaBand Conforming Bandage x 1
  • HypaBand Crepe Cotton Bandage x 3
  • Safety Pins x 12
  • HypaClens Eyewash Pod 20ml (0.7 fl oz) x 2
  • HypaGuard Foil Blanket x 2
  • Moist Wipes, Alcohol Free x 10
  • HypaPlast Pink Washproof Plasters x 20
  • HypaPlast Microporous Tape x 1
  • Scissors x 1
  • HypaCover Low Adherent Dressing x 1
  • HypaGuard Flat Face Shield x 1
  • HypaCover Low Adherent Dressing x 1
  • Personal Protective Pack x 2
  • Gauze Swabs Sterile 7.5x7.5cm (3in x 3in) x 1
  • HypaPlast Zinc Oxide Tape x 1
  • HypaBand EAB, White, Medium x 1
  • HypaCool Instant Cold Pack x 2
  • HypaPlast Zinc Oxide Tape x 1
  • HypaGel Hot/Cold Pack x 1
  • Muscle Rub 40g (1.4oz) x 1
  • Dettol Antiseptic Wash 100ml (3.5oz) x 1
  • Trigger Spray Bottle 250ml (8.7fl oz) x 1
  • HypaClens Eyewash Bottle 250ml (8.7fl oz) x 1
  • HypaPlast PVC Tape x 1
  • Petroleum Jelly 225g (8oz) x 1
  • Vapour Rub 50g (1.7 oz) x 1
  • HypaBand Foam Underwrap,Tan x 1
  • HypaCover Adhesive Dressing x 10
  • HypaCover Skin Closure Strips x 1
  • Nasal Plugs Cotton Pack Of 50 x 1
  • HypaBand Cohesive Cotton Tan Bandage x 1
  • Freeze Spray 150ml (5.3 fl oz) x 1
  • ***Please note this refill kit only contains medical supplies - first aid kit bag NOT INCLUDED***
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