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Replacement Nets for FORZA Match Goals

2mm thick twine replacement football nets for FORZA Match goals. Nets are also suitable for any back garden goal with a top run back. Nets available in a wide range of sizes.
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Premium Quality Replacement Football Nets For The FORZA Match Goals

Due to the location of back garden goals, there is a requirement for a heavy-duty net that will easily withstand rigorous use and harsh weather. The FORZA Replacement Goal Net has been crafted from a dense and strengthened HDPE to create a 2mm twine net that will supply complete protection against weather related damage and regular use. Finished in a brilliant white colour, each replacement net will provide a professional and classic look to any garden. For added convenience, these premium nets can be easily installed onto both FORZA branded goals and various other back garden goals that feature a top run back.

The superior production of the FORZA replacement nets has resulted in a net that allows for regular year-round use. Manufactured from a high-quality HDPE that will not absorb water or sunlight, this roust UV stabilised net will not deteriorate in varying temperatures. Designed to provide extended longevity, the FORZA replacement net will easily withstand each hard impact shot that comes its way.

  • Each goal is produced in a brilliant white colour for a classic and sleek look
  • Designed to prevent damage from the weather
  • A solid net with a 2mm thick twine
  • Manufactured from a robust HDPE 
  • Suitable for FORZA Match goals and any other goal with a top run back
  • Perfect for back garden use and the junior football league

Each resilient net has been manufactured to provide increased durability and maximum strength. Available in 5 size options, you’ll be able to find a net that is perfectly tailored to your pre-existing goal set up. Whether you’re practicing in hot, wet or cold weather the superior composition of these nets ensures that they will be able to retain their crisp white colour for longer. As an exceedingly sturdy piece of equipment, you’re guaranteed to receive prolonged use from this exceptional net.

PLEASE NOTE: that each net is sold SINGULARLY. For multiple nets please adjust quantity box.


FORZA Goal Age Ranges

  • 5 x 4 FORZA Match Goal Net | Recommended Age: 0 - 5 Years
  • 8 x 4 FORZA Match Goal Net | Recommended Age: 5 - 8 Years
  • 12 x 6 FORZA Match Goal Net | Recommended Age: 7 - 13 Years
  • 3m x 2m FORZA Match Goal Net | Indoor 'FUTSAL' Goal Net
  • 16 x 7 FORZA Match Goal Net | Recommended Age: 12+ Years

These football goal nets are for FORZA Match goals which are used by junior football teams and for garden football. They will also fit metal goals with top depth/brackets (see picture).

  • Sizes available: 5ft x 4ft, 8ft x 4ft, 12ft x 6ft, 3m x 2m, 16ft x 7ft
  • Supplied in a heavy duty 2mm football netting grade
  • Suitable for FORZA Match goals and standard junior size football goals with top depth
  • Goal net colour = White
  • Quantity = 1 net


FORZA Match Goal Nets | Dimensions


FORZA 5 x 4 Match Goal Nets
Top Run Back 1.5 FT / 0.4m
Bottom Run Back 4 FT / 1.2m
FORZA 8 x 4 Match Goal Nets
Top Run Back 1.5 FT / 0.4m
Bottom Run Back 4 FT / 1.2m
FORZA 10 x 6.5 / 3m x 2m Match Goal Nets
Top Run Back 1.5 FT / 0.4m
Bottom Run Back 6 FT / 1.8m
FORZA 12 x 6 Match Goal Nets
Top Run Back 1.5 FT / 0.4m
Bottom Run Back 5.5 FT / 1.7m
FORZA 16 x 7 Match Goal Nets
Top Run Back 2 FT / 0.6m
Bottom Run Back 6.5 FT / 2.0m
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