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Instant Ice Pack For Sports

An essential addition to your team's first aid kit, this instant ice pack is quick and reliable when you need it most.

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Ice Pack Size:

  • 23cm x 14cm


  • 200g 


  • Single Use Only
Disposable Ice Pack - Instantly Treat Sporting Strains & Sprains! Hypacool's Instant Cold Packs are expertly designed to provide immediately provide cold therapy treatment for a range of injuries from sprains & strains to bumps & bruises.Ice packs are an essential remedy for injuries sustained during football/soccer, rugby, and hockey matches, where rapid pitch-side emergency medical assistance is required. There will be no delay in administering the instant ice packs; just activate the pack by simply squeezing it.The pack is also designed with a special cushioned pad to ensure that no painful rubbing or aggravating injury during application of the ice pack.It is not necessary to store the packs in a fridge or freezer prior to treatment, and once used, the packs are entirely safe to dispose of.A great addition to any first aid kit! Multi-packs available.