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Jumbo Size Heavy Duty Tarpaulins [250gsm]

Jumbo Heavy-Duty Tarpaulin available in five sizes. Manufactured from weatherproof 250GSM PVC. Brass eyelets positioned at 5ft intervals. Grab handles for easy transportation.

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Waterproof Tarpaulin Available In Five Jumbo Sizes


  • Sizes available: 41ft x 13ft, 82fft x 13ft, 82ft x 25ft, 82ft x 39ft and 82ft x 52ft 


  • 250GSM PVC
  • Brass eyelets


  • Jumbo tarps are 100% weather and waterproof
  • Woven grab handles for ease of movement
  • Reinforced border edges
  • Eyelets are placed at 5ft (1.5m) intervals for ground anchors
Ultra-Durable White Tarpaulin Sheets Manufactured From Weatherproof 250GSM PVC

Designed to protect a wide range of surfaces from the elements, this extra-large tarpaulin sheet is manufactured from high-quality 250GSM PVC. This weather and waterproof plastic ensures neither heavy-rainfall or intense sunlight will corrode your playing surface, guaranteeing it will remain perfectly preserved during all weather conditions.

  • These extra-large tarpaulins are manufactured from 250GSM PVC
  • Jumbo tarps are water and weatherproof for all-weather performance
  • Brass eyelets allow you to secure this tarpaulin in position with ground pegs 
  • Eight heavy-duty grab handles for easy transportation
  • Reinforced border edges
  • Sizes available: 41ft x 13ft , 82fft x 13ft, 82ft x 25ft, 82ft x 39ft and 82ft x 52ft 

To make the task of transporting this tarpaulin significantly easier, it is constructed with eight woven grab handles. Four handles are positioned on the tarp’s corners, while two additional handles are placed on both of the larger sides of the sports tarpaulin, providing you with specific areas to carry the ground sheet. Another useful feature of this white PVC tarp is its brass eyelets, which are positioned at 5ft (1.5m) intervals across the jumbo tarpaulin’s borders. These metal eyelets allow you to fix the plastic ground sheet to the ground with net pegs (sold separately), ensuring it will not be blown away during heavy winds.  

Designed to provide the optimum level of durability, these premium tarpaulins are made with reinforced border edges. This added fortification guarantees your ground sheet will not become ripped or torn after extended use.

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