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Metis Fitness Step

High-quality Metis Fitness Step for gyms & home workouts. Coming with 3 adjustable heights, the premium fitness stepper is created using ultra durable, shock-absorbing PP for supreme longevity. Textured surface for excellent grip (even when wet).

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Metis Fitness Step Specifications


  • 80cm x 30cm | 31in x 12in
  • Weight: 3.5kg | 8lbs
  • Height Options: 10cm (4in) | 15cm (6in) | 20cm (8in)


  • Step is manufactured using robust & shock-absorbent PP
  • Fitness stepper features a textured rubber surface for excellent grip


  • Detachable feet allow for 3 different height options
  • Feet can be secured to bottom of step for storage/transportation
  • Step Colour: Black/Grey
  • Ideal for gyms & home workouts

Metis Fitness Step – Adjustable Heights For A Range Of Exercises

An excellent choice for gyms & home workouts, the high-quality Metis Fitness Step allows you to develop a variety of key fitness areas. Innovatively designed, the fitness stepper comes with detachable feet to allow for three different heights (10cm, 15cm & 20cm). The exercise step has been expertly manufactured using heavy-duty, shock-absorbing PP, guaranteeing a long-lasting performance. The workout steps textured surface ensures users experience complete grip (even when wet) to allow for full commitment to exercises every rep. Weighing just 3.5kg, the aerobic step is lightweight, portable & easy to store.

  • Metis Fitness Step – Ideal for gyms & home workouts
  • Detachable feet allow for three set heights: 10cm, 15cm & 20cm
  • Manufactured using heavy-duty & shock-absorbing PP
  • Fitness stepper features a textured surface for exceptional grip
  • Aerobic step bench is light-in-weight, portable & easy to store
  • Detachable feet can be secured underneath step for easy storage