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Metis Pilates Bar

Ideal for Pilates, full body workouts & resistance training, the Metis Pilates Bar is perfect for gyms & home use. Features a 2-piece EVA foam padded bar secured together using a button locking system with resistance bands & foot straps.

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Metis Pilates Bar Specifications


  • Bar Size (Assembled): 90cm L x 3cm D | 35in L x 1in D
  • Resistance Bands: 77cm L x 10mm (thickness) | 30in L x 0.4in (thickness)
  • Bar Padding (Thickness): 50mm | 2in


  • Bar: Premium steel with 50mm EVA foam padding
  • Resistance Bands: High-durability TPE
  • Foot Straps: Nylon


  • Suited to Pilates, full body workouts & resistance training
  • 2-piece bar is secured together using button locking system
  • Pilates bar can be easily dismantled for storage & portability
Metis Pilates Bar – Range of Pilates Exercises & Full Body Workouts

A must-have piece of fitness equipment for gyms & domestic use, the professional-grade Metis Pilates Bar will bring a whole new dimension to your workouts. Coming with a premium padded bar, elasticated resistance bands & 2x foot straps, this Pilates bar kit has everything required for a high-quality Pilates session. The bar, which comes in two pieces secured together using a button locking system, features a 50mm thick EVA foam padded exterior for supreme comfort & excellent grip. Once your workout is completed, the Pilates stick can be dismantled quickly & easily, ensuring storage & portability are the simplest of tasks.

  • Metis Pilates Bar – Ideal for Pilates sessions, resistance training & full body workouts
  • Features an EVA Foam covered 2-piece bar (secured together using locking system)
  • Elasticated resistance bands combine with nylon foot straps for range of exercises
  • EVA foam exterior provides excellent grip & supreme user comfort
  • Bar can be easily dismantled to allow for simple storage & portability
  • Pilates exercise bar stick can also be used as replacements for barbells & cables for curl exercises