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Multi-Sport Post Protector Padding [Industrial Pole Protection Pads]

Quality protection padding for sport posts and industrial use. 6ft or 10ft post protectors manufactured from a 12mm thick impact and water-resistant foam. Available in 8 varying outside diameter options and two colours (Black and White). Each protector features a touch fastening system for easy installation and removal. Sold individually or as a pair.

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  • 6ft outside diameters: 60mm, 76/80mm, 110mm, 140mm, 180mm, 200mm, 420mm
  • 10ft outside diameters: 80mm


  • Compacted 12mm thick foam 
  • Water resistant composition


  • Post protector pads are suitable for freestanding and socketed sports posts
  • Colour: White (10ft) Black (6ft)
  • Pads are FORZA branded
Multi-Purpose Safety Padding For Protecting Sports Posts And For Industrial Post Protection

During periods of regular and high intensity use, the probability of equipment sustaining damage throughout fast paced games increases. As sports posts are the primary focal point of any court or pitch during busy games and practices, they can easily become scuffed, scratched or even dented. When the proper precautionary measures are not in place, your posts may sustain serious damage from players. To successfully combat this, the innovative FORZA Post Protector creates a defensive barrier that will reduce the likelihood of your equipment being harmed.

  • Suitable for freestanding and socketed posts
  • A 12mm thick compacted foam with water resistant properties
  • Available in 8 outer diameter sizes: 60mm, 76/80mm, 80mm, 110mm, 140mm, 180mm, 200mm and 240m
  • Sold individually or as a pair
  • A choice between a 6ft or 10ft height. (10ft only available with an 80mm outer diameter)
  • Touch fastening system that allows for easy attachment and removal
  • Available in two colours: Black or White

This strengthened post protector padding provides an effective solution for guaranteeing the safety of players whilst also actively preventing impact related damage to your posts. Each post protector has been manufactured from a compacted shock absorbent foam for added durability. This 12mm thick foam has been produced to successfully preserve the entirety of the pole in any environment, meaning that it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With weatherproof properties due to its dense and robust composition, our premium post protector padding can successfully safeguard your posts.  

As the dense foam exterior of the padding evenly distributes the effects of a collision, your posts will be effectively protected from damage. Whether you require cushioned protection for freestanding or socketed posts, each incredibly robust protector pad is suitable for use on both. Their flexible design allows each item of padding to be firmly anchored to the post for a secure fit.

Available in black and white and sold as a pair or individually, these versatile post protectors will look at home on any pitch or court. With a choice of 8 varying outside diameter options, you’re guaranteed to find padding that will perfectly compliment your existing post structure. Designed to add a touch of professionalism and safety to your sports facilities, these low maintenance protectors also feature an integrated high strength velco system that allows you to install or detach your padding quickly and easily.