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Net World Sports Umbrellas

60 inch sports umbrellas with double layered 190t pongee fabric canopies. Lightweight eight ribbed fibreglass frames and 5 ½ inch EVA foam handles. Locking button for automatic opening. Each high-quality umbrella is supplied with an ultra-durable sheath. Available individually or in packs of 5.

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Premium Pongee Fabric Sports Umbrellas – 3 Styles Available

Sports Umbrella Colours

    • Net World Sports: Light blue canopy with white Net World Sports branding and trim
    • FORZA umbrella: Black canopy with yellow FORZA branding and trim
    • FORB umbrella: Black canopy with green FORB branding and trim 
    • Vermont umbrella: Black canopy with white Vermont branding and trim
    • Fortress umbrella: Black canopy with purple Fortress banding and trim


  • Diameter 60 inches (150cm)
  • Height: 40 inches (100cm)
  • Distance over the top of the canopy: 60inches (150cm)
  • Handle length 5 ½ inches (14cm)


  • High quality 190t pongee fabric canopy provides protection in heavy rain
  • Double canopy construction creates a vent for wind to pass through the umbrellas
  • Lightweight fibreglass frame with 8 ribs
  • Handle is manufactured from EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam


  • Locking button on handle for quick opening of the umbrella
  • Suitable for golf or recreational use


Windproof Sports Umbrellas With 60 inch 190t Pongee Fabric Canopies

Large sports umbrellas manufactured from high-grade 190t pongee fabric guaranteed to keep you dry during heavy spells of rainfall. Available in three sports specific styles each umbrella is supplied with an ultra-durable sheath for neat and tidy storage.

  • Large 60 inch (150cm) diameter canopies. 
  • Manufactured from high-quality 190t pongee fabric for guaranteed protection from rain.
  • Dual layered canopy design allows wind to travel through the vent located on the top of the umbrella, improving handling during windy conditions.
  • Eight ribbed fibreglass frames keep the sports umbrellas taut.
  • 5 ½ inch (14cm) EVA foam handle with a locking button for automatic opening.
  • Sports umbrellas are supplied with a storage sheath.
  • Available individually or in packs of 5.

The high-grade pongee fabric canopies of these multi-sport umbrellas has a large diameter of 60 inches (150cm), which provides enough space to keep you and your precious sports equipment dry at all times. This high-quality canopy has a double layered construction which creates a vent which is placed on the top of your umbrella. The innovative design greatly reduces wind resistance, in turn improving handling. The large multi-sport umbrellas also feature lightweight fibreglass frames with eight ribs to further improve wind resistance and keep there canopies taut.

Storms can arrive with very little warning, but these large umbrellas will ensure you are always prepared. A locking button is located on the 5 ½ inch (14cm) EVA foam handle which will automatically open the umbrella with a single press, giving you the peace of mind to continue enjoying your sporting event.