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Professional Netball Equipment

Netball equipment from Greenbow including netball posts, netball hoops & netball nets. The ideal netball posts for use as school netball hoops or leisure netball nets. Our netball posts are supplied with netball nets & netball hoops. The netball posts are manufactured to school standard and all netball posts are suitable for competition use. Netball posts are supplied as free netball posts or as a socketed netball post. Socketed netball posts are supplied with 46cm netball post ground socket.

Freestanding netball posts have 22kg floor weight. Standard netball posts are constructed as steel netball posts, also available are aluminium netball posts. Steel netball posts are the most common netball nets. Aluminium netball posts offer the advantage of zero corrosion, strength and safety. Replacement netball nets are supplied and compatible with both steel netball posts, aluminium netball hoops, socketed netball nets & freestanding netball posts. Replacement netball hoops are supplied to suit both steel netball posts and aluminium netball posts.

Complete range of netball equipment including netball posts, netball nets & netball hoops for sale
Netball posts and netball nets can be shipped to any country in the world.

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  • Netball Net

    Netball Net

    Replacement Net for Netball Posts (5mm Ultra-Durable Twine) More

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