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Paceman Regular Hard Pitching Machine Balls – 12 Pack

12 Regular Balls for Paceman Strike and Pro Pitching Machines only. These high-speed, performance pitching machine balls are the ultimate test for any budding batter.

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  • 12 x Paceman Regular pitching machine balls
  • Diameter: 73.5mm (2 9/10”)


  • Suitable for use with Paceman Strike and Pro machines ONLY
  • Denser than real baseballs to work on arm strength
Test Your Technique with the Paceman Regular Pitching Machine Balls

The Paceman Regular Hard Balls are the ultimate test for any baseball or softball hitter. With a high-density composition and harder feel than any other Paceman ball, these heavyweight balls will test your upper body strength and endurance.

  • Regulation baseball size – 73.5mm in diameter
  • Only to be used with the Paceman Strike and Pro machines
  • Produced to be a heavyweight pitching ball
  • 12 high velocity practice balls

Designed to enhance performance by testing your hand-eye coordination, these dense Paceman Pitching Balls will allow you to experience versatile fastballs in any training location. This set of 12 hard pitching machine balls are ideal tool to challenge your players during training sessions. To fully utilise this extraordinary ball, load up the auto-feeder on your Paceman Strike or Paceman Pro Machine and enjoy a dynamic practice that will improve your reflexes. 

PLEASE NOTE: The Paceman Regular Balls are only suitable for use with Paceman Strike and Paceman Pro pitching machines.